How to create a fake number for WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, it is possible create an account even without having a SIM card in your mobile phone. In case you need a second contact number in messenger, you can register a new account and verify it using a landline phone number. However, this messaging app option is only available on your Business version.

When accessing WhatsApp for the first time, it is necessary verify your active number through an SMS message. Previously, there was also the option to perform this verification through a phone call, but this option is no longer supported for landline numbers in normal messenger.

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In this case, one solution is to create a free Business account using a landline phone number. That way, other people can save you as a contact on their phone and exchange messages as normal.

From trick library we show you step by step How to create a fake number for WhatsApp through the landline. Shall we start?

How to create a fake number for WhatsApp step by step

  • Access the WhatsApp Business application (Android | iOS).
  • When setting up WhatsApp, tap «accept and continue» to accept the terms of the application.
  • On this page, simply enter your landline phone number with area code and then tap “okay” To confirm.
  • Then WhatsApp will try to send an SMS to your landline.
  • Then wait until the SMS verification fails. After a few seconds, the option “Call me” is released» to confirm via phone call.
  • Then you will receive a call with an automatic message indicating the verification code numbers.
  • Once done, simply confirm them and tap on “Following«.
  • From now on, your account has been created successfully.
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    It is worth remembering that this is a Native and free option that allows WhatsApp for business accounts. Therefore, it is possible to take advantage of WhatsApp if you do not have a personal number and want to keep in touch using a WhatsApp account (even commercial) through a landline phone number.

    We hope this short tutorial will help you. If you now want to learn how to send audio to WhatsApp with the google assistant, keep browsing our website. Until next time!