how to create your avatar to have emojis with your face.

We are going to explain to you how to create your own facebook avatar, a system of stickers that you can make similar to your face that the social network presented in 2019 to compete with the Bitmoji of Snapchat. There are several alternatives to be able to create emojis with your face, and now Facebook already offers you its own.

The creation process is quite simple, although finding the option to start it is not as easy and fast as it should be, since you have to go to the answers section of a publication. Once you do, you will be able to use your avatars in Facebook responses and in Messenger for Android or iOS, so they are a native method to have them without depending on third-party applications or having to install a certain keyboard.

How to create emojis with your Facebook face

The first thing you have to do is enter the profile of the Facebook application on Google Play and the Android and iOS App Store, and make sure you have the latest version of the app of the social network. If you see the possibility to update, please do so to make sure you have this feature activated.

how to create your avatar to have emojis with your face

Then go into the Facebook application. There, go to any message on your wall and click on the Comment option to enter the post and see the options to leave a comment on it. No matter what publication it is, you can even do it within a publication that is yours.

When you enter the window where you see the comments in the publication, you have to tap on the smiley face icon that you have to the right of the space in which to write the answer. It is the icon to choose emojis.

how to create your avatar to have emojis with your face

When you click on the emojis icon, a window will open at the bottom of the screen where you can browse the ones you have available. In it, click on the section in which a pink profile with a smiling mouth appears, as it is the option to use your Facebook avatars. In it, it will tell you that you can use stickers of your avatar, and you must click on the Create your avatar button to start creating your custom face.

You will go to a screen with two steps in which the operation of the system is explained to you above, and that you can create an avatar and you will have a series of personalized stickers with it. In the first window of the explanation click on Next, and in the second click on the Start button to start the creation process.

how to create your avatar to have emojis with your face

In the first step to create your own avatar, you have to choose a skin color within the range of colors you will see. Simply go up or down to find the one you want and click on it to select it, and once you do, click on the Next button.

Now you will go to the window where You must configure your avatar as you want, choosing the appearance of your face, hairstyle, facial hair, clothing and accessories, and changing the color of hair or skin again. Here, you will have a bar to navigate through each of the sections, which also have subsections.

how to create your avatar to have emojis with your face

This process of creating a face that really looks alike can be quite tricky, especially when you don’t have any references. Therefore, if you want to look at yourself to edit, click on the mirror icon to activate the front camera of your mobile. It is possible that your mobile will ask for your permission so that Facebook can access the camera, and you will have to give it.

After clicking on the mirror icon, a box will open where you can see your face while editing the avatar. In this way, you can try to make the avatar look as much like you as possible, although this is not always an easy task. When you finish, click on the ✓ button that you have in the upper right to finish.

You will go to a screen where the avatar will be displayed as you have created it, and there will be a loading bar below where you see the creation process. When I finish, you can click on the Next button, and you will go to a last information screen in which you only have to click on Done.

how to create your avatar to have emojis with your face

And that’s it. From now on, in the emojis section within the responses to a Facebook post or in the Facebook Messenger application you can now access the list with your avatars. You will have different expressions and feelings represented, and you can choose the one you want to post as a comment or message. There will also be an edit button to modify the appearance of the avatar.