Apple Memojis are very popular, you know, these Animojis are personalized to you and your image. After the update to iOS 13 and the arrival of Memoji stickers and the possibility of share them in any app, everyone wants to have their own Memoji now.

However, you can only have an original Memoji if you have an Apple device, as much as other brands have tried to copy it. Apple has been using them a lot lately, and one example is the invitation to WWDC 2020 which will be held online this year. In this invitation we can see various Memojis behind a Mac with WWDC stickers This year Apple has created many different ones, and we’ll tell you how to create the personalized one with your Memoji. Yes, there is already a Memoji with the Mac, but it will be more personalized and like Apple’s.

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Create your personalized WWDC 2020 background

First of all, we are going to need several things to be able to create this Memoji directly from our iPhone or iPad, but don’t worry, you can create it in just 5 minutes. The first thing to do is download the app Photoshop Mix, available for free in the App Store.

The next step is download the two images that we leave you below, this is important because these are the two parts of the wallpaper, the lower part with the Mac and the stickers, and the upper part with the black background. Download them to your iPhone or iPad by long pressing the screen and tapping “Add to Photos”.

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mac 2

finally you need your memoji. There are several faces available in Memoji Stickers that can fit well behind a Mac, choose the one you prefer to save. The simplest thing is that send someone the Memoji sticker you want to use via Messages, press and hold the Memoji to enlarge it, take a screenshot and cropped so that more or less only the Memoji is visible.


Now that we have downloaded everything to our iPhone or iPad, we need to follow the steps to create your wallpapers WWDC 2020 custom carefully, here are the steps:

  • We open Photoshop Mix, we register if necessary and create a new project by clicking on the “+”.
  • We select Image and we choose the photo downloaded from Mac.
  • Click on the Reduce and enlarge canvas.
  • Click on the « + » to add a new image and select image with black background.
  • Place new layer with the black background just above that of the Mac, with no space between them.
  • Press again « + » and add the photo of Memoji.
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Creation of Memoji WWDC

  • Now click below on Cut, you can remove the background surrounding the Memoji.
  • Simply slide your finger across your face and click OK.
  • Enlarge or reduce the head so that it fits perfectly.
  • Now select the Mac layer and drag it to view the first one.
  • Come back to crop the image as you want and press the share and reel icon.

Creation of Memoji WWDC 2

It may sound complicated, but it’s pretty quick if you follow the steps we’ve put in there little by little, in just a few minutes you will have your personalized itinerary as if Apple sent you an invitation to WWDC with your Memoji.

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Source: Techradar