The Control Center in macOS Big Sur and later provides a single location to toggle system and utilities ranging from Wi-Fi to keyboard brightness. You can also customize and add more features to Control Center on Mac.

Like the Control Center on iPhone and iPad, there are parts of the Modular Control Center that cannot be changed. The network, display and sound modules will remain in place. But it is possible to add more modules at the bottom of the Control Center.

The best part of the Control Center is that it leaves space in the menu bar. You don’t need separate icons for “Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth”, and “Sound” outputs, which take up space in the menu bar.

One of the most useful modules that you can add to Control Center is the “Battery” module. Shows the status of your Mac’s battery, along with its percentage. This allows you to remove the battery icon from the menu bar.

Control Center customization can be done from “System Preferences”. Click on the “Apple” icon from the menu bar and choose the “System Preferences” option.

Here, click on the “Dock & Menu Bar” button.

From the sidebar, go to the “Control Center” section. You will now see each module listed here, with its own options. At the top, you will find modules like “Wi-Fi”, “Display”, etc.

You will only find one option in these modules: “Show in menu bar”.

This option will pin the specific module directly to the menu bar. You can click the icon to expand the module options in a dropdown menu.

To add more features to the Control Center, scroll down until you see the “Other Modules” section. Here you will see the “Accessibility Shortcuts”, “Battery” and “Fast User Switching” modules.

Select a module like “Battery” and then check the “Show in Control Center” option to add the module to the bottom of Control Center. While you are at it, you can also check the “Show Percentage” option to display the battery percentage along with the icon.

If you just want to add them to the menu bar, choose the “Show in menu bar” option. Once you enable any (or all three) modules, you’ll find them at the bottom of the Control Center.

Click on a module to expand it and see all the features. The “Fast User Switching” module will display all user accounts and selecting a user will instantly switch to it.

Just like its iPhone and iPad counterpart, the “Accessibility Shortcuts” module displays useful accessibility features like “Invert Colors,” “Reduce Transparency,” and more.