How to defeat and obtain the materials of a Rathalos Monster Hunter World. It is not a very special creature, it is one of the many monsters that you will meet along the way. You will face him in the starting area of ​​the Ancient Forest in Low Rank. It is a kind of bipedal dragon, with armored spines and the skin covered with scales. His peculiarity is the bag of fire that allows him to produce and attack by launching incendiary bullets.

How to defeat and obtain the materials of a Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

How to prepare for the fight with the Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

Chances are if you’re up against the Rathalos, you’ve already defeated to they honoredin the order of assigned missions. This means that your armor should already be enough to defeat this dangerous monstereven if one upgrade your team never this the rest.

As already mentioned, Rathalos can poison wounded hunters by his claws. For this reason, we recommend that you take with you your antidotesas well as Mega Potionswhich can always be useful for r recover health.

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Before facing the Rathalos we recommend that you you unlock the camp in area 17which you will find after the Grimalkyne’s Questsince the monster appears and returns regularly in the area 16 close.

In the surroundings there is also a hunting groundwhich you will find, again, following the Grimalkyne’s mission. These creatures could prove useful, once recruitedto provide a additional objective for the Rathalos.

Where to find the Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

your first meeting with the Rathalos will take place after the quests the main storyAfter receiving help from first Wyverian. The Rathalos will spawn exactly where they find each other the Wyverians in the area 16south of the field in the area 17.

As already mentioned, we recommend that you unlock that campso that it is short distance of Rathalos.

Weaknesses and strategies to face a Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

Below you can find the list Of all the Rathalos weaknesses:

  • Dragon: very vulnerable
  • Ray: moderately vulnerable
  • Dream: on average vulnerable
  • Paralysis : moderately vulnerable
  • Daze: moderately vulnerable
  • Water: not very vulnerable
  • Ice: not very vulnerable
  • Poison: not very vulnerable
  • Outbreak: not very vulnerable
  • Fire: invulnerable

You will be able to face Rathalos in the same way that you have faced any other flying monster found so far. Specifically, when be in flightkeep moving in circles while keeping your distance from the beast. Unlike the Anjanath, whose fire attacks they are very dangerousthe incendiary attacks of the Rathalos are quite simple to predict and therefore also easily avoidable.

How to defeat and obtain the materials of a Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

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The real problem to fight against the Rathalos are their attacks nosedivesince the monster will rush towards you suddenly and if it hits you, will poison you with their claws. In this case, use an Antidote as soon as possible, hoping that your Palico and the Predator distract the monster in the meantime.

The attack in piacchiata could go followed of a phase of stationary flightduring which the Rathalos will keep its tail glued to the groundthus offering the hunter the possibility of attacking it body to body. Take advantage of these opportunities, because they will be the Best moments to make the greatest damage the monster.

always keep one eye in the head of Rathalos because, if you He is watchingyou are most likely ready to rush in your direction. So always keep high levels of resistance for evade attacks the enemy at the right time.

Another particularly good time to attack the Rathalos is when it lands. Again keep an eye in the monster’s head because if he’s looking at you, chances are he’s ready to hit you with a movement of his tail.

As with all other monsters, the key to victory is the patience : Attack immediately after Rathalos has given his bangwait for his next move to avoid his next attack and repeat the actions.

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Unfortunately, the Rathalos have a habit of fly away of the battle after receiving too much damage. Use them Different fields that you previously unlocked for your advantage, so that you can travel quickly close to your positionwhile simultaneously recruiting the hunters on the roadto facilitate the next battle.

How to defeat and obtain the materials of a Rathalos in Monster Hunter World

All Rathalos materials and how to get them in Monster Hunter World

All of the materials listed below come from the Rathalos and can be obtained by destroying certain parts of the beast:

  • Rathalos Armor: cutting the monster, as drop and reward.
  • Rathalos Scales: cutting or breaking the head and as a reward.
  • Rathalos Tail: cutting the tail and as a reward.
  • Rathalos Marrow: cutting or breaking the back.
  • Rathalos Membrane: cutting or breaking the wings and as a reward.
  • Other mission rewards: Monster Bone+, Rath Claw, Flame Sac.

In another article, we will tell you how to obtain the materials for the Pink Rathian, which would be the female version of the Rathalos. This monster is very easy to recognize due to the extravagant colors of its skin, mostly reddish and light tones. Don’t forget that this fearsome creature has very sharp and dangerous claws with which it can poison its enemies.