How to defeat and obtain the materials of an Anjanath in Monster Hunter World. The Anjanath is one of the first most dangerous creatures that you will encounter during your adventure in the game. You can find it by chance in the Ancient Forest or go with the intention of hunting it and surround it, for this there are several strategies and abilities that will make you achieve success in the fight.

How to prepare to hunt Anjanath in Monster Hunter World

Needless surround itAnjanath is your first actual test in Monster Hunter: World. He has been hanging around Northern area of ​​the Ancient Forest from the beginning of the game and is a formidable enemy even when i met her later in your search.

For when they call you to get it out, you will have already explored Wild Spires and you have met many other creatures. This gives you a lot of possibilities to polish and improve their weapons and, most importantly, forge new armor sets. While we were able to deal with it with basic team. how much more armor you can equip, easier it will be your life

It’s up to you to choose if you want a little more than safety margin in battle with a enhanced defense or not spend too much time to the grindingbut, in any case, there are some attack patterns of lizard against which to be absolutely on guard for survive.

Where is Anjanath in Monster Hunter World

The Anjanath moves between the moors of the Ancient Forest, the first hunting areagenerally in the north, northwest, in the areas 7, 8 and 9 during the different battle phasesand retires in the 13 and 14. Tracking it down is simple, you’ll find her footprints already in the first explorable areaswhich will be followed by the Guide Insects.

Weaknesses and strategies to know about Anjanath in Monster Hunter World

Anjanath’s degrees of weakness:

  • Fire: Nothing
  • Water: high
  • Ray: Half
  • Ice: Half
  • Dragon: Low
  • Poison: Half
  • Dream: Average
  • Paralysis: Half
  • Burst: Low
  • Stun: Half

The Anjanath supposes a threat not only for his strength, but also for his great agilitywhich allows you to quickly cover long distances and reach you even when you think you are out of danger. It is also very difficult riding” (turn on your back to do more damage ) as it can quickly jump to a vantage pointfor which you will fight face to face the Most weather.

As with any encounter with a monster, I watched the Anjanath as much as possible to learn to recognize the attacks and behaviorsto be more familiar with his movements. hit the hind legs is very useful, so it is better to keep a middle distance and stay constant motiona tactic that allows you to roll in any direction when it attacks you

Keep too far will propel you to load and jump on you, and since you have to concentrate on his paws to hurtbe good to run to him, attack him and walk away again is always a great strategy. You can too stand in front of him and roll to either side of the monster when tried to bite youand then attack him if you have enough space.

The Anjanath becomes particularly furious and dangerous when you get that kind of “gills” on nose and back. Not only does it seem to become more aggressive and fastbut is also capable of breathe fire by mouth with two different attacks.

However, both attacks are called on the phone in advance ; one is a puff 180 degrees which is easy to Dodge and then do an attack right after while the other is a shining column long-range front that can remove it in one fell swoop.

We have lost count of the times we have positioned at a certain distance that we thought was safe to drink potions and recoveronly for be charred and carried back to camp. In short, keep an eye on the Anjanath when it starts to breathe fire and try to be constantly moving. To heal up and keep moving, we recommend you use a Vigorvespabrought immediately by your good Palico.

The monster will keep toggling between these two phaseseven when you are end of his energy. The secret is to take your time and be patient in spite of the strength of his armorsince the Anjanath can easily take him down with a pair of attacksor even one if you shoot a sudden flare.

Obviously, have more defense it allows you take a chance a little more and withstand a few more blowsbut we recommend that you be further cautious possible. He also remembers that the Anjanath will gladly participate in combat for the territory with other creatures during battle, including the Rathalos more powerful. While you can use this for your advantageas Rathalos can deal a powerful hit of damage from 750 in the Anjanath, both can change target and go straight to you.

Watch them both from a considerable distance and get ready for retire. you can always take another return route from Anjanath and hope the Rathalos are causing damage in other places.

What materials do you get by defeating Anjanath? in Monster Hunter World

The following materials can be obtained destroying or cutting certain parts from the body of an Anjanath or simply as a drop.

  • Anjanath’s Fang: Break the head, mission reward.
  • Anjanath Dish: Break the head, cut the tail, quest reward.
  • Anjanath’s Tail: Cut the tail, quest reward.
  • Anjanath’s Scales: Breaking legs, quest reward.
  • Anjanath’s Nose Bone : Mission reward.
  • Other rewards: Large monster bone, flaming sack.

The interesting thing about facing Anjanath, in addition to the fact that if you are victorious is the pride of having defeated one of the most difficult monsters in the game, is obtaining the materials that it gives you when destroying it. We have given you in detail the weaknesses, characteristics and strengths of this creature to make it easier for you to defeat it.