How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2.

How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2. Tokichiro is a boss and enemyis a human who attacks with double swords, to eliminate Tokichiro the best way is to attack him continuously without giving him a chance to recover. But don’t worry, below we will give some tricks to learn how to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2.

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How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2

How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2, complete guide

If you thought you had beaten Tokichiro somehow, you were wrong. In fact, your former partner will return in a new boss fight in the form of corrupted Yokai. Needless to say, the battle will be more challenging than the last, but with a little patience, you’ll also take this victory home with you.

Before going out into the field, remember to equip fire and lightning resistant armor and amulets. This is because Tokichiro’s two katanas will constantly be filled with fire and lightning (since they’ve improved since your first fight). In particular, the attack pattern is based on very fast attacks.

How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2

These are two or three hit attacks that will only hit you if you are close. At the end of each attack you will have a chance to hit him two or three times. To do this you will have to adopt a medium-low handle. It will take you longer to kill him but we assure you that it is the only appropriate strategy to face him.

In any case, before attacking you will have to be very careful as the boss will try to parry your blow and perform a run. Needless to say, in this case, the damage caused by the boss would be very high.

How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2

Very similar the grab, with which Tokichiro will impale you, ending the fight (you can recognize the movement thanks to the black and white aura of the sword). Also pay attention to the shot with which he will jump forward, marked by a blue glow. With this move, the boss will travel several meters, allowing it to reach you even if you are far away. In fact, Tokichiro knows how to be dangerous even from a distance by throwing fire and lightning strikes.

Counter attack boss Tokichiro in Nioh 2

The number of bars that are thrown is random. In some situations, the boss could land a flurry of very powerful blows. However, this move is also a valuable opportunity. Once he has started the attack, Tokichiro will continue to attack in a certain direction.

How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2

This will allow you to go behind him and attack him without being engaged. Once the Ki bar is reset, the boss will transform into Yokai and summon the Dark Realm. Double Katanas will turn into two huge swords. Weapons that the boss can decide to throw fire or lightning. This means that depending on the item used, Tokichiro’s pattern varies slightly.

With fire it will launch burning balls, in addition to being able to summon the monkey spirit; with lightning he will launch electric cuts and execute sudden shots. In this case, in addition, you can evoke electricity using the other guardian spirit: the Tapir. Actually, the crash is not very difficult. However, as It is a very dynamic battle, you will have to make the most of your reflexes. If you’re not sure you can beat Tokichiro, wait for your next chance.

Ready! So far our tips and tricks for how to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2. We remind you of other related articles Nioh: A battle between demons and samurai.

How to defeat Tokichiro in Nioh 2