How to defeat Zorah Magdaros in Monster Hunter World. It is the largest creature that you will find in the game, a dragon that, although it belongs to the world of the old, has appeared in the New World. This battle will be the key to your entire adventure.

How to complete the first part of the quest “It’s time to write history” and weaken Zorah Magdaros in Monster Hunter World

To the beginning of the mission, the huge Zorah Magdaros will begin to move forward in a threatening way to you. hit the ammo in the boxes surrounding and burden immediately cannons and crossbows to start To hit the Zorah Magdaros.

Please note that although the crossbows let you aim at your target with ease, the guns are less maneuverable ; all you can do is press Circle / B when Zorah Magdaros is in her fire line. The numbers that appear on the screen indicate that you are hitting the target. keep hitting everything as long as you canbecause this way you can get some interesting parts of the Zorah Magdaros.

However, your attack attempts will be interrupted by flying beasts what will they try beat you up. The crossbow in this case it will work out for you very usefulsince you can direct it towards the birds and hit them with ease. Remember flay these monsters later, to recover parts of Pterowyvern.

When the team tries immobilize the creaturerun to the left and go up ; here you will find a crossbow that you will have to load up the ammunition present near to follow hitting the Zorah. Low and load the cannon to continue damaging the monster. At this point, the huge dragon will go through the first barrier : an event that you can not avoid no way. The escape of the huge monster will take you directly the next stage.

How to destroy Zorah Magdaros magma mounds in Monster Hunter World

For continue the mission, approach the point of attack right and go up to the back of the monster Once you get to the rear of the Zorah, your task will be find and destroy the three magma mounds that are in his armorwhich represent the weak points of the beast, having careful with the magma that is ejected. He first cumulus (the central one on the map) is just in front from your starting point.

Hit the Magma Cumulus with the gun, until you see that he washes it descends sideways. In this point, get away To avoid the explosion, get closer and attack again. Repeat the action until finally you have destroyed the Mound. Be careful this time to avoid wasting healing elements at this early stage. I don’t know hurry upyou can take your time. If the magma hitremember rollafter holster your gunfor to turn off the flames At this point, go in search of the Second Magma Cumulus.

To reach it, you will have to go down the cliff in which you are Right behind you will find a cave within which is the second Magma Cumulus. After wreck itexit the cave and wait until the Zorah Magdaros change position. At this point, go up to his shoulders To find the third and last Cumulus.

Note that it will still fit a long time before the start next part of the mission, since Zorah will have to reach the next barrier. Use this time to look for in the areas surrounding the destroyed mounds, red minerals from which to obtain valuable resources such as dragonite and parts by Zorah Magdoras, useful to make weapons and armor powerful. Keep exploring for resources until you start the next phase of the mission

How to repel Nergigante’s attack and finish the “It’s time to write history” quest in Monster Hunter World

In the final part of the mission you will find yourself having to face another dragonsmaller in size, but equally fearsome : we are talking about nergigante.

Despite being a beast of terrifying aspectthe Nergigante’s attack strategy does not differ much from that of the other monsters: attack forward to your position, followed by a pause moment. So, to defeat him, simply attack himthrow yourself towards him, beat him and then fleesrepeating these actions in A loop. the beast too could hit you with his line and his attack would be devastatingso we advise you to go to the Nergigante on the one hand.

After Nergigante has suffered a certain amount of damagea scene finally will put an end to this mission.

How to complete the quest “A Colossal Quest” and debuff Zorah Magdaros in Monster Hunter World

The quest “A Colossal Quest” is a quest you can take on in the last phases of the game and will see you once more involved in an attempt to weaken the Zorah Magdaros, to drive him towards the open sea. To have success on your goal, here are some tips:

  • Uses the slingshot to detonate the stalactites covered in explosive on you, using the ammunition that you find once you get to the armor of Zorah for the first time. If they don’t come down when you hit themyou are too far.
  • The second fight with Nergigante It will not last long and the dragon will flee soon, leaving you to return to your mission. One of the strategies to follow could be ignore it completely and wait for it to go away flying.
  • There’s no need destroy all three magma mounds to continue the quest so don’t worry if you fail. In any case, to destroy them attack them repeatedly and walk away when they are ready to explode.
  • In the final stage, when you find yourself at the barrierYou will have to load the cannons and crossbows and hit the Zorah Magdaros repeatedly. When boat be ready, run to the far left from the barrier and get down to fall directly about the boat. when the monster is just beside ship’s, pull the lever to activate dragon slayer. The powerful weapon can only be used every five minutesso try score every shot. Keep hitting the Zorah with all weapons at your disposal. If required, return to the topon the barricade, using the pterowyverns to hit him repeatedly with cannons and crossbowsuntil the scene begins indicates the end of the mission

All Zorah Magdaros materials in Monster Hunter World

The list of all the materials which can be obtained from Zorah Magdaros in High Rank and the forms of get them back :

  • Zorah Magdaros Armor: destroyed magma mounds, monster drop and quest reward.
  • Zorah Magdaros Magma: head break, quest reward.
  • Zorah Magdaros Pleura: Breast Break, Quest Reward.
  • Zorah Magdaros’s Flame Scale: mission reward.
  • Zorah Magdaros Crest: mission reward.
  • Zorah Magdaros Gem: rare reward.

Since Zorah Magdaros’s certainly not a traditional meetingdoing their parts is not something easy. There are several ways to obtain the materials, for example extracting the minerals from the back of the monster after to destroy the mounds, as a reward for the mission or hitting to the monster in the face with the cannon.

Playing in High Rankwe will be back to find Zorah Magdaros on our way: the same missions will be available between missions optional.

These missions can also be play cooperativelyinviting a friend or sending a sos request and waiting for a interested player in Zorah Magdaros.

With all this information we want to help you defeat Zorah Magdaros, we have also given you the necessary tips and tricks to solve the two key missions: “It is time to write history” and “A Colossal Quest”, which are essential for this purpose.