How to delete all data in FIFA 22. When you first play FIFA, the first thing you want to do is play a quick match and see the graphics as well as the usability of the game. However, when you have already gone through that first phase of uncertainty, it is time to learn how the menus work, the features, the settings and everything related to its functionality.

Everything you need to know to play seems easy to learn and to find in the menu that FIFA offers you. But,what happens when you want to delete files?

In this case, the menu does not have a quick access tab that says “delete files”so you will have to search for the function throughout the menu.

So that this does not happen, since trick library let’s explain How to delete all data in Fifa 22 easily and quickly, thus keeping your game free of unnecessary storage. Shall we start?

How to delete FIFA 22 data?

  • Start Fifa.
  • Go to Personalize > Profile > Delete to display the list of game files.
  • delete all files.
  • How to restart Ultimate Team FIFA 22?

  • The game will display a message: select “Yes, delete my Ultimate Team».
  • It will now display a four number code on the screen; Choose “Enter code”enter the code shown and confirm.
  • Select the option «confirm to delete«.
  • How to reset FIFA 22 career mode?

    also can restore he mode back using the button Restore progress-Lap History located in the settings tab within the mode history.

    Next we leave you a video tutorial that we have found on the internet in which it explains how to clear data in fifa 22:

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