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One of the new features that iOS 14 has brought is the AirPods automatic device switching when we go from using our iPhone to iPad for example.

A feature that many of us have been waiting for for a long time but that some, once they have updated, is getting crazy. Are you one of them? We tell you how to activate and deactivate this feature, and how to quickly return the connection to the original device if you didn’t want the change to be made.

So you can activate and deactivate the automatic switching between devices of your AirPods

The first thing to note is that this feature is only available on second-generation and Pro AirPods, so will not work on 1st gen AirPods released in 2016.

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To manage this function you simply have to follow these steps:

  • 1st Open the box of your AirPods and put them on, the iPhone will automatically detect them and connect.

  • 2nd With the AirPods already connected, go to Settings, and click on Bluetooth.

  • 3rd In the list of devices, next to your AirPods you will see a circle with an “i”, click on it.

  • 4th Click on the option Connect to this iPhone / iPad.

  • 5th Here you can select between Automatic or On the last connection to this iPhone. If we select the first option, the headphones will automatically switch between our devices, if we select the second they will remain in the one they were originally connected.

Switch automatically but be able to quickly return to the original device

If we normally use our AirPods between one device and another, possibly our most comfortable option is to leave the automatic switch between devices. However, if on any occasion, without our wishing it, the change between devices has been made, we always have the option to return the connection to the original device with a single press.

Undo automatic switching between AirPods devices

For this, we just have to be attentive to the pop-up notification that will appear on the original device once the AirPods have made the change, where a return arrow will appear on a blue background. If we click on it, the headphones will return to their original device.

Have you already tried the automatic switching of AirPods between devices? Go ahead and tell us about your experience below in the comment section.

Source : Techradar