Tips for cheating on FIFA 21 PS4

FIFA 21 is one of the most popular games on PlayStation 4. If you are looking for how to cheat in this game, here are some tips to keep in mind.

beat reminders

Some of the best tricks that can be performed in this game are found in the reminders tab. This tab is located at the bottom left of the main game screen. Here you can press L1 + R1 and get some cool tricks to beat the opposing team.

Use the Extreme Play Cheats

There are plenty of cheats to use during matches, some of which can help give you an edge over the competition. An extreme game trick is to keep L2 + R2 pressed while playing. This will give the team a powerful attack and the ability to play defensive football in the short term.

List of Cheats in FIFA 21 PS4

  • press L1 + R1 in the reminders tab to enable special cheats.
  • keep L2 + R2 pressed to activate extreme game mode.
  • keep L1 + Square and L2 + Triangle pressed to activate skill mode.
  • keep L3 + R3 pressed to activate stamina skills mode.
  • keep L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 pressed to activate power effects mode.

Hopefully these tips help you have fun while playing FIFA 21 on PS4. Try these cheats and have fun while playing this popular video game.

FIFA 21 PS4 Cheats

Want to take your FIFA 21 experience to the next level? Here is a list of the most useful cheats that can be used on your PlayStation 4. Work hard with these and you can become the best player in the league.

Trick 1 – Unlock the in-game Coin Store

To unlock the FIFA 21 Coin Shop, enter the code as follows:

  • Press the START button while on the Challenge Board.
  • Select “Code Entry”
  • Enter the 16-character code: 88JM-Z96E-ZF4L-CWXF

You will now see a message saying “Unlocked Coins”. If you have done it correctly, you will be able to access the Coin Shop whenever you want.

Cheat 2 – Unlock Advanced Training

Using the same method, you can unlock Advanced Training. Enter the following code to get it: 7VZ8-JH29-WDGX-RFF9. This will allow you to improve your player’s ability to easily train their agility, strength, and stamina.

Trick 3 – Unlock your Favorite Players

Do you want to put your favorite character in your team? You can get it by entering the code Z7V2-JHX9-VGE9-RF39. This will unlock favorite players and allow you to unlock exclusive items and playstyles.

Trick 4 – Unlock Ultimate Team Mode

If you unlock it, you will have a new way to play FIFA 21 with the Ultimate Team mode. Unlocking it is easy. Enter the code XZX9-HDX9-VGE9-RFTR to access FIFA Ultimate Team.

This game mode is designed to offer you the most entertaining and competitive gaming experience in FIFA 21.

Trick 5 – Unlock other Game Modes
Any time you want to play other game modes in FIFA 21, use the following codes:

Hold L1 + Square to activate Pro game mode.
Hold L2 + Triangle to activate extreme game mode.
Hold L1 + Square and L2 + Triangle to activate skill mode.
Hold L3 + R3 to activate stamina skills mode.
Hold L1 + R2 + L2 + R1 to activate power effect mode.

We hope these cheats help you maximize your FIFA 21 experience on your PS4. Start using them now and become a FIFA 21 master!

Tips and Tricks for FIFA 21 on PS4

FIFA 21 is the latest soccer game from EA Sports for PlayStation 4. This version of the game is extremely realistic and tactics and strategy is an important part of the gaming experience. We offer you the following tips and tricks guide to help you achieve glory playing FIFA 21 on PS4.

Make goals count.

When the ball is twenty meters from the box, it’s time to look for one of your most important players to make the difference. Try to find the best position to shoot on goal with the player, and then make sure to set the kicking force, direction and height to get the best result. If you see that the situation is much better for one of your players close to the ball, don’t be afraid to make a pass to set up a good goal option.

Use the manual block tactic

In FIFA 21 on PS4, there is a new manual block mode. This allows you to block out a certain area of ​​the pitch that you want your players to play on, allowing you to anticipate your opponents’ moves. You can establish blocking stripes of varied width and length. Manual blocking works best on defense, to avoid transparent moves, and to be ready for counter-offensive.

Attack now!

It is important when playing FIFA 21 on PS4 that you select the “Attack” mode from the strategy menu. This will benefit you in terms of your offensive plays and will allow your players to get closer to the box to try to finish off. This will also reduce the number of defensive players you have, so be careful when attacking and make sure You always have a defender close to the box to prevent a counterattack from the opponent.

Use these specific FIFA 21 cheats on PS4

  • Make a quick player change to quickly get the ball to the rival team’s area. Ideal for surprise attack.
  • Use the kickoff timer to allow for a quick transition.
  • Use ‘Shoot Assist’ to improve the accuracy of long shots.
  • Use ‘Trap Pass’ to surprise the opponent.
  • Use ‘Stop & Turn’ to improve your accuracy when making a turn with the ball.
  • Use ‘Lofted Through Pass’ and ‘Driven Through Pass’ to improve the long ball into space.

By following these tips and tricks, your team will get affordable goals in FIFA 21 on PS4. The next time you play, you’ll outfit your team for victory with these tactical tools.

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