How to do the mission the House of Beneviento? This is considered one of the most terrifying missions of this version of the video game, and it is that just the fact that the house is located beyond the forest is already a very bad omen for any of them. fans of the Resident Evil saga.

Some important data

Before starting this mission, it is important to know that we will most likely face this house with nothing, since all our equipment is already exhausted and inside the house we will not find collectibles to help us, since there is nothing inside it other than a typewriter with which we will save the match.

In addition to this we will have in sight a mannequin in which we will find several elements that are worth to be collected a ring on his left hand, on his leg a palometa, a silver key on one of his shoulders which we will use later.

Items and their uses

  • The ring, this we will have to wash it with the water that will come out of the tap, which after being cleaned will give us the key to open the double door next to it, we must continue there.
  • In the next room we will find the music box, if the same as the prologue, to be able to open it we will use the k**b. Here we must order the cylinders, with a little attention we will achieve it easily.
  • In this room we will find some tweezers which we will have to use to open the door. dummy mouth and take out the filmswhich we will later order and solve another of the mysteries.

We continue the tour

After overcoming a series of difficulties and having a few scares, because without a doubt this house contains a series of pretty lurid pictureswe will end up going down the stairs that lead us to a kind of well in which we will have to grab the key from SamaGametricity panel, as there will be a small blackout which must be solved.

Passing through the main door we will find ourselves face to face with quite a scary monster which we must escape, remember that we do not have weapons to face it. Upon reaching SamaGametricity panel we discover that one of the fuses is missing and that we will have to look for it in the study.

reactivating electricity

To be able to do this we will have to remove a fuse from the panel that is in the study, the bad thing is that at this moment the house will be completely dark and the previous monster will appear again, from which the best thing to do is to escape through the door next to the elevator.


this could be the scariest apparition of all those that are in the house because this doll is the real head of the house and in order to free ourselves from her we will have to play along and play hide-and-seek with her.

To be able to beat her and leave the house what we must do is find it three times, you can locate it at:

  • The second floor of the house in the room.
  • In the room on the first floor, It will be hidden behind a shelf.
  • The last of these encounters It will take place in the corridor next to the door of the house.