How to download all your photos and data from Facebook.

Today we are going to explain how to download all your photos and data from Facebook. It is an option that will allow you to recover files such as all the photographs that you have uploaded to the social network. But it also serves as a backup to recover everything before deleting your account or because if you just want to browse and see what data Facebook has about you.

The process is very simple, and you just have to look for the option in the settings. Of course, do not be in a hurry, because depending on the amount of data Facebook could take several hours to have the file ready with the backup of all your data.

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To download your photos and personal data from Facebook you will need to enter the settings. For that, press the down arrow icon (1) that you have in the upper right, and then click on the Settings option (2) to enter the options panel of the social network.

How to download all your photos and data from Facebook

When you are in the settings menu, press the General option (1) in the right column to make sure you are in the general settings of your account. Once there, underneath it all click on the option Download a copy (2), which is with which you can download a copy with all the data that Facebook has about you.

You will go to a screen where Facebook will notify you that the backup of what you have shared on the social network will include your publications, photos and videos, but also your conversations and some other data. To continue, press the button Create my file.

How to download all your photos and data from Facebook

A screen will open where you will have to enter your Facebook password to confirm the action. When you do, you will go to the next step, where you just have to click on the button Create my file to confirm the whole process and make Facebook start collecting your information to send it to your personal email. Please note that this may take a few minutes.

After a few minutes or hours, it will depend on each user, Facebook will send you an email with a link to the content download page. And in case you don’t see it, it will also show you a notification telling you that the download is ready. Regardless of how you go, you will arrive at a download screen where you will only have to click on the Download file button.

How to download all your photos and data from Facebook

And that’s it. A compressed backup copy will be downloaded in ZIP format, so you just have to do right click on the file and choose the unzip option of the program you are using for it. Once you do, you can now access all your data.