How to download Mario Bros games for PC? Those of us who have played Mario Bros have good memories of this immortal game. How to forget the first console? Hardly, and more so if we played the iconic Nintendo game, about the Italian brothers who rescue a princess.

If you want to cross the worlds until you reach a dragon, or get infinite life by jumping on a turtle, or swim in the bottom of the water, from the PC; let me tell you that it is possible. On the web, there are pages designed to enable the game of Mario Bros in its version for the PC. Let’s see some considerations about this.

Download Mario Bros on your PC

Although as we have said, there are several pages that gather the exportable files for install Mario Bros on your computer, Here we recommend the following website, where you can take a look and thus have more options to download the application: it is

On the other hand, you can search the pages you trust, surely they have some file available for install mario game There are many options, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to install Mario Bros on PC?

Once you have downloaded the file corresponding to your operating system, you can proceed with the installation. This point is important, since otherwise, it will not be possible to install the game on your PC.

In the link that we have shared in the previous point, you will see a wide variety of downloadable files for you to start play the version of Mario that you like the most. After downloading it, extract the files inside the .zip folder and open the Setup item. This will suffice to start the installation.

Follow the instructions that are indicated on the screen and once the process is finished, Start playing in the endearing world of Mario Bros.

Get to download Mario Bros for PC from Softonic

If you are a regular person to the Softonic page, you can enter to find the Mario Bros game you are looking for. Just enter the page and search for the game, after that, click on the green button on the right, which says “Download”. This will redirect you to a download screen, and the file will begin downloading directly to your computer.

Follow the instructions of the installation program and then you can play Mario Bros from your PC.

Get emulators to play Mario Bros on your PC

Another option is to download a emulator to play Mario Bros on your PC. There may be some apps about Mario Bros for Android OS. You can play it with an Android emulator on your PC. On the other hand, there are GameBoy emulators where you can download the occasional version of the game by the Italian brothers par excellence.

If you’re lucky, you may find a free download, a nintendo emulatoryou can always consult in forums, about where to get these programs.