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How to Draw a Dog Step by Step

1. Develop your dog’s skeleton.

It is recommended to start with a simple sketch for your dog. Use lines to build the skeleton of your drawing. Use a straight line to use as the head and another for the body. Add curved lines for the front and back legs. And finally, use a circle for the tail.

2. Add more details.

After you have the skeleton ready, you can add some more detail. Draw some lines on the body to give the dog more shape. Add a pair of ears on top, its almond-shaped eyes, also add the legs and to finish off its tail.

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3. Add the texture or fur.

Now, draw the hair of the dog. Use wavy lines to add texture to the hair. You can add details depending on the breed of your dog. The fur also gives the drawing more depth.

4. Finish your drawing.

You’re almost done. Use a pencil to add dark, smooth lines. It also removes the lines that you no longer need. Finally, use an eraser to clean up your drawing.

5. Add the colors.

Now that your drawing is ready, fill it in with the colors. Use a colored pencil to add the tones you want. You can follow what your dog breed usually wears. Finish by adding the shadows to give relief to the drawing.

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Now you can enjoy your dog drawing

Congratulations! You have finished drawing a beautiful dog. Now you can show all your friends and family. We hope you enjoyed it!

How to Draw a Dog Step by Step

Do you want to learn how to draw a dog easily and simply? Then look no further, the following step by step will help you draw a dog in great detail.

Step 1

Start by drawing the head. he draws a slightly twisted oval for the top of the head. Below this, draw a U-shaped pressed rope to shape the dog’s muzzle.

Step 2

Add the nose, eyes and ears. uses a small circle for the nose and two squares for the eyes. Draw the ears directly below the head.

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Step 3

Add additional details to the face. Now is the time to add some simple lines for the mouth, a cylindrical neck and a triangle-shaped body.

Step 4

Add legs and tail. now add leg division and also a little tail to your drawing. You can add a curved shape at the top of the tail to add volume to the dog.

step 5

Add additional details. Use slightly wavy lines to add hair to the dog, add a neck and ear placement and different hair textures with short lines. Above all, have fun drawing your dog.

final step

It is important that you add color to your drawing using pencils, pastels or watercolors. You can represent the texture however you want and add different colors to give your dog more life

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Summarized Steps

  • Draw the head and muzzle.
  • Add the eyes, nose and ears.
  • Add additional details to the face.
  • Add legs and tail.
  • Add slightly wavy lines to add hair.
  • Add color to your drawing.

Now that you know how to do it, bring your dog to life and share it with all your family and friends so they can enjoy it too!

How to draw a dog step by step

Drawing a dog can be complicated if you don’t have experience. But, fear not, here we leave you a series of very simple steps so that you can achieve it successfully.

1. The outline of the dog

The first step in drawing a dog is to outline it. For this, we will use a pencil to make a figure similar to that of a pear: to create the back, then the front, then the muzzle and finally the tail.

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2. Adding details

Once we trace the basic contours it is necessary to add the details:

  • pair of legs
  • Ears
  • mouth with his tongue
  • circles for the eyes
  • animal fur

3. Coloring

Once all the details are added, it’s time to color. First, outline the lines with a dark red pencil, and then all the color palettes to assign the tones to the dog.

4. Shadows

The last step that we must carry out is to add the color shadows to give the greatest possible realism to the drawing of our dog.

And this is how you can draw a dog step by step. Why don’t you try your drawing with a real life dog? You can see the details easily and thus you will gain skill in drawing.

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Have fun and share your work with everyone.

How to draw a dog step by step

1st stage: draw the head in the form of an egg.

Draw a long, oval shape, like an egg with a slight curve. This will be the dog’s skull.

2nd stage: draw eyes, nose and mouth.

Make sure the eyes are at the top of the head of the egg shape. This will make your dogs more expressive. Draw a black circle for each eye, making a small vee at the top of each one. Now draw a small nose in the middle of the face. Around the nose and eyes, draw a curved line for the mouth. The end of the mouth should be closer to the bottom of the face.

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3rd stage: draw ears, paws and croup.

Draw two oval ears on top of the head. One ear should be higher than the other. From the head piece, draw two oblique lines for the front legs. Now draw the hind legs. Then draw a longer curved line from the bottom of the head to the bottom of the body. This will represent the dog.

4th stage: draw the tail.

Draw a curved line from the posterior side of the abdomen to the end. The tip of the tail should be curved and parted to make the tail appear softer.

5th stage: add details to give it personality.

If you want to make your dog more realistic and expressive, draw more details such as soft lines coming from the eyes to indicate wrinkling, nostrils, paws, fur, etc. Do not overdo these details.

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6th stage: color your dog drawing

After drawing the details on the drawing, start coloring. You can use your favorite colors. You can use paints, colors, colored pencils to make it more fun. You can also play with color contrasts to give it a more expressive touch.

Last conclusions

Now you have finished drawing a dog step by step. We hope you enjoyed drawing and that your end result is beautiful!