Thanks to this glitch you will be able to duplicate any object you have in your inventory, even make infinite money if you know what to sell and buy back.

It sure is not a surprise to you, but there is a glitch or glitch in Cyberpunk 2077 that it will allow us to duplicate objects infinitely, and therefore also make all the money we want, and its procedure is so simple that it requires almost no explanation.

Of course, we recommend that you try this glitch as soon as possible, because right now the development team will be releasing quite a few patches on a regular basis over the next few days, so this bug will be solved in the next few hours.

At the time of writing this news, it still works, at least in the version for computers. We explain the process, so you can take advantage of it, although we do not advise you to abuse it because it would make little sense to make an effort later in the adventure.

How to duplicate objects in Cyberpunk 2077: new method to duplicate any item in the game

Basically with this failure we will be able to duplicate any object through a sales terminal that we have scattered throughout Night City.

You can take advantage of this failure with any object you want, although in principle it is being recommended to use the art object called “Untitled 18”, where in its description it says that “it is an extremely valuable painting that is believed to be lost for a long time” . If you don’t have it yet, you can use any other object in the terminal, even several at the same time.

  • So go directly to one of these sales terminals
  • Select the object or objects you want to duplicate and sell them in the terminal
  • Exit the terminal, but stay in front of it
  • Now once outside, press the buttons for the sale and menu commands at the same time. On PC it’s the R and Escape button and on PS4 it’s Triangle plus the Options button.
  • You will know that you are doing well because you will be able to buy back the artwork for very low money, but at the same time resell it for 4000. With that money what you could do later is to use it to duplicate other objects.

For the trick to work for you, once you have exited the terminal and have to press the buttons that we have mentioned before, the interaction menu screen should be transparent, with the ATM being a little darkened in the background.

The hack was originally discovered by youTuber TagBackTV.

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