How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?.

Would you like to play World of Warcraft, but you can’t afford the subscription fee? Do you play on pirated servers? Maybe it’s time to change that… World of Warcraft has had an option to pay for the game with in-game gold for a long time.

So if the option is there, why not use it? Those who play WoW and buy a subscription for PLN will definitely like to relieve their expenses a bit and play for free. It’s actually not that difficult. If you belong to a group that plays on private servers – oh … Lich King … How good it is to beat him eight years in a row … Because the Legion is so weak and all – the only requirement will be to buy Battlechest (PLN 30-35) and the latest expansion (about PLN 100 zloty). In this article, I will not show you the exact places of the gold farm, but I will tell you a bit about how to farm it to earn a token in a month. And no, I won’t farm it for you.

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

Reach max character level

It’s not necessary, but it’s easiest to farm with a character at level 110. Gather some gear, browse English Youtube (then I’ll give you some good channels about gold) and go to the farm.

Now a few questions about the server and the character itself. “Low population” servers usually have good prices for items on AH (auction houses), although such items may take longer to sell than on “high population” ones. Personally, I advise you against two servers if you want to earn gold. These will be Defias Brotherhood and Burning Legion (EU). You will ask why … The best argument is that mostly Poles play there, and this causes a bit of onion on AH, which is why we usually pay for item X on BL or Defias several times less than on other normal servers. I play on BL myself and I honestly advise against it if you care about gold, because the fact … Burning Legion (or Onion, he he) is a good server if someone wants to play PvE or PvP. Then it’s a good idea, because there are a lot of people who communicate in Polish. And Defias… is Defias. Poles also play, although I do not know how it stands there with PvE and PvP. As for PvE, judging by wowprogress, it’s not a very good server.

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

If you want to find out a bit about a given server with auctions, what are the prices, etc., I recommend the website:

Another issue, of course, is the character. For farming, I would recommend making a druid balance. Good AoE spells, fast movement, just perfect. After reaching level 55, you can create an additional death knight (respawns immediately at lvl 55), and at level 98, a demon hunter. Three characters and you can farm.

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?


Choosing the right profession is the key to success. I use gathering professions on my main. In my case, it’s skinning and herbalism. You can also play mining. I use gathering professions on the main character because that’s what I play the most on, and just relogging to the second one and processing these items doesn’t take long, so I have completely different professions on the second character. In fact, you can make money on anything (except engineering). Try to play alchemy, enchanting or inscription. This is where I got the most loot.


Items for transmogrification are quite profitable, but it is not gold quickly. If you farm 500-1000 items, only then can you really play any kind of selling them. With seven hundred auctions with transmogs, I get about 5 a day, so I’m almost guaranteed 2000 gold per day. Besides, of course, I exhibit plants, rocks, skins, etc., so a few or several thousand will always come in a day.

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

Plants, rocks and skins

Since we’re on the subject of plants, rocks and skins, it’s worth noting how much you need to farm. Yesterday I calculated that if I collect two hundred roses from Suramar a day, I will get the token in about 26 days. The farming time is about an hour, and since I’ve been a PvP player for a while, I’m collecting plants all the time while waiting for rated battlegrounds, discussing tactics, etc., so I don’t even feel it. Just collect everything that’s in the newest lands and then put it up for auction.


The TSM addon is essential for quickly listing items and earning money in WoW. However, I would like to discuss the issue of item sniping here. On the Internet you can easily find scripts and guides on how to set up a sniper for auction, so after setting it up you can go to the auction and find items that are offered for very cheap. In addition, thanks to TSM, you will post and receive auctions faster, so only profits.

Here is the official TradeSkillMaster website:

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

How to set it? Check out two Polish channels about earning gold in WoW.

Channel No. 1

Channel No. 2

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

Flipping and underselling

By lowering the prices, you are shooting yourself in the foot. When I see one man put out one plant 90% cheaper than the one above him, I want to find him and burn his PC so that he won’t be able to do it again. Really… It’s not that hard to put something on sale for one piece of bronze cheaper. And so it will sell. You might have to wait an extra 40 minutes, but if there’s a lot of demand for an item, undercutting it by a million percent is sheer moron and only highlights the “intelligence” of that person.

And what is this flipping? Flipping is buying items with a lower value and then resell them for the normal price or slightly higher. I’m just sensitizing you to buy those things that will sell 100% (on theunderminejournal it says what sells), otherwise you will stay with the goods and you will be in the red. Simple? Yes, simple.


If you play PvP then making money between breaks shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you play PvE then getting paid… shouldn’t be a problem for you either. Sometimes the monsters that stop us on the way to the boss room in the raid drop items that people buy to dress up their character a bit. Once you drop an item for 10,000, and once for 200,000. When I raided three times a week, on average I had 80,000 of such items per month. Then only a few hours of farming plants and a token collected.


And the last point is regularity. Don’t put off farming gold for a token for the last day, because you simply either won’t succeed or you won’t want to sit at the computer for 20 hours. When you buy the first token, start collecting gold for the next one right away. It is easier to spend that hour a day for thirty days than fifteen hours in one day.

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft?

And that would be all I would like to share with you about earning gold. If you want, click on the link below, because it’s worth it.