With Just Draw It! You can calculate routes on Google Maps with the simple gesture of swipe your finger. Draw motion, get directions, and even measure distance, all with the ease of use of your finger and your Android screen.

Map apps have solved our lives when traveling in cities because you only need to enter the destination to find the best route, on foot, by car or by public transport. And Google Maps is one of the keys to this democratization of GPS guidance: This not only puts us on the right track, but also allows us to measure distances. Although there is a much simpler application with which you can get precise calculations and simply by drawing: Just Draw It !. It works really well.

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Draw with your finger on Google Maps

The app we offer, Just Draw It !, is not new as it has been on Google Play since March of last year (it is also available for iOS). However, it has been recently updated and it is worth making its functions known: with it it is really simple plot the best routes on Google Maps. And much more comfortable than doing it on the Google Maps app, because you only have to use your finger.

The interface of Just Draw It! it’s as successful as it is clean: start by loading the map with your current location (ask for location permission for that), offer the draw buttons on the right and allows you to select different map layers, such as terrain, satellite and standard (this appears by default). The mechanics of use are simple: click on the path icon (the doodle) and you can draw on the map: the line corresponds to the route you are planning.

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Calculate Google Maps distances

You can do a freehand route, save it, continue with the route and there is even an option to fit lines to streets: this way, it will be much more precise to guide you when you go to physically do what you have planned on the map. The whole process is very simple, but it never ceases to amaze: just draw it! allows you to create routes to measure distance very precisely (The app shows you the mileage of each shot made). As you can adjust the route manually, it is very easy to plan country or city excursion routes, you also see them instantly. And you will even know tower lift by Just Draw It! provides you with this information.

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Calculate Google Maps distances

If you haven’t tried it yet and want measure distance on Google Maps, create routes by hand and save all routes, Draw it! is your app. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store, it has ads, and you can collaborate with the developers through an in-app purchase of just 1 euro. We recommend it.

Source: Frandroid