We are going to explain to you how to easily share your WiFi key, whether you use an Android mobile or an iPhone with iOS. If friends or family come to your house, today it is a classic that there is someone who quickly asks you for the password of your WiFi network. And of course, going to your computer, looking at the password, writing it down on a piece of paper and then reading it to him or going over it with him so that he understands the letter is not the most comfortable thing in the world.

Therefore, we are going to tell you about several methods with which you can share the key with your mobile. There are many you can choose from, but we we are going to focus on the three simplest methods. We will start with instant messaging applications, then we will tell you the super simple method that iOS has, and finally we will end with an alternative for Android or iOS, which is to generate a QR code.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that first you have to access your router as we have already taught you to do, and copy the credentials of your WiFi. You are interested in the SSID, which is the name of the WiFi, as well as the key. Once you have them, write them down in a note application such as Google Keep or in a message to yourself on Telegram or other applications that allow it.

WhatsApp or other messaging apps

The first option is the most obvious, and goes through send the WiFi name and password by WhatsApp or other applications courier. To do this, if you have written this password in another app like Google Keep, what you have to do is go in it and keep your finger pressed. You will select the text, and a pop-up menu will appear where you have to select the copy option to save the password and the WiFi name to the clipboard.

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

So, go to WhatsApp or the messaging application of your choice and open a conversation with the friend who asked for the password. In it, keep your finger pressed on the write message box, and when the clipboard menu appears, click * Paste to leave the password there. In the event that this WiFi password you have not saved before, simply write it there.

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

If you have used WhatsApp and you do not have the password saved in another app, you don’t have to remember it or go to the router every time another friend asks for it. You can use the featured messages of WhatsApp.

Hold down your finger on the message where you have written the password, and when it is selected, press the star icon from the top menu. Now, from the main WhatsApp screen you can access the Featured messages option to see it whenever you want, copy and paste it in another chat to write the password

It’s even easier with iOS

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

The iOS operating system has a password sharing option that Android phones do not have, and that make the process extremely simple. You will need both you and the other person who wants to connect to have an iPhone with iOS 11 or higher. All you have to do is have your mobile connected to the WiFi, and tell your friend to select the same WiFi network as you with their iPhone.

When your friend tries to connect to the WiFi, a dialog will appear on your iPhone like the one in the capture in which you can simply share it with him or another iOS device that you want to connect. Here, click on Share password with your iPhone, and your friend’s will connect automatically.

As we have told you before, this is an option that is not available on Android or in the case that your friend’s mobile is Android. A shame, because it really is the easiest method you can think of to share your WiFi.

You can also use a QR code

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

On Android you have many methods to share the WiFi, although none is that simple. Going as easy as possible, perhaps the recommendation would be create a QR code with the credentials of the WiFi. To do this, on the QiFi service website, and fill in the SSID, Encryption and Key fields so that the web application can generate a code with them. When you do, click on Generate !. The data that you have to enter in each field are the following:

  • SSID: The name of your WiFi, the one with which it appears on your mobile or PC when you go to meet it.
  • Encryption: The encryption used by your WiFi network. Usually this will be WPA / WPA2, so you will not normally have to change anything in this field.
  • Key: Your WiFi password. For the QR code to allow you to connect automatically, you have to tell it what password to write to the user.

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

Once you click on the Generate! Button, a QR code will be automatically generated for you. Now, click on the Export button! to download the QR in an image which will be in PNG format. This image with the code is the one that you will have to print or show to your friends when they ask for the WiFi.

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

Once the code has been generated, now you just have to let your friends use it. For that, they have to read the QR code with the mobile using one of the applications that allow you to do this task. Once the application is open, simply point it to the code for a few seconds to read.

How to easily share your WiFi key on Android and iOS

And once you read the code, the screen to access the WiFi network will open on your mobile, and Your home network will automatically have been selected and the password entered to be able to access. In this way, they only have to press the Connect button without having to write the password digit by digit.

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