How to evolve Santa Water into a vampire survivor? This is one of those games in which the characters just have to always keep moving, and it is also one of those games that no one expected to be a success, although it is not one of the greatest, it is undoubtedly one of those games that surprise with their sudden popularity.

holy water

This is one of the weapons with which the character will have to defend himself, this is one of the weapons with which he is possible to access from the very beginning of the game, it is only necessary to unlock it, for that only a few simple steps are carried out that we will explain to you in the next section.

The steps to follow

  • The first It will be to unlock it from Suor Clerici, for this it is necessary that you recover a total of 1000 HP, you must do it in the course of all the races, this action will make it available to be acquired for 900 gold.
  • carry the water from santa to level 8.
  • you must have the Attractor ignition accessory, you will have to find a vacuum that is thrown by a light source.
  • Collect the chest from a rare enemy, it will spawn when the counter reaches 10:00
  • The recipe is the following: Holy water + Attractor = La Borra.

Some recommendations

  • the easiest way In which you will make La Borra evolve is to start in Sour Clerici, in this way you will start with the initial weapon, that is, holy water.
  • Another of the alternatives, which is considered very effective is the combination of this with King Bible and Garlic, or failing that with their evolutions. With this the opponents will not be able to reach the player.
  • at level 1the holy water will not be of great consistency, so its use is not recommended when requiring a damage dealer, reserve it for higher levels such as 8.

the different levels

  • level 1: will generate harmful zones.
  • Level 2: +1 projectile and 20% base area.
  • level 3: +10 base damage and 05 sec duration.
  • level 4: +1 projectile & +20% base area.
  • Level 5: +10 base damage and 0.5 sec duration.
  • Level 6: +1 projectile and 20% base area.
  • level 7: +5 base damage and 0.3 sec duration.
  • Level 8: +5 base damage and 20% base area.


This is the holy water evolutionand it will work more effectively while on the move, the reason for this is that the damage zones have a chance to move and stay firmly on the screen to hurt opponents.

In case that the pools of La Borra disappear, they will be replaced immediately, this will result in the creation of a permanent damage field around the player, which makes it one of the best weapons that can be counted on in terms of AoE.