How to fall from the sky in GTA V? One of the special abilities of the characters in GTA V is to fall from the sky, this occurs in missions such as slight turbulence, in which they are in a risky situation that can only happen jumping into the void

In this post we will tell you how to fulfill your missions satisfactorilyif these require falls and parachute jumps.

Special abilities for characters

Certainly there are various tricks and skills that as you progress through the game, you will be able to implement it in your missions, these range from the simplest like running to escape, until jumping out of a plane on a mission.

On this occasion, referring to the drop and jump optionthere are two modalities that you can use with your characters to stand out, they are the super jump and free fall or skyfall.

Super jump in GTA V

So that your character can To jumpthe trick lies in the following combination:


Remember do it only in this orderand the longer you hold the jump button, the higher it will be.

The free fall or skyfall of GTA V

Now to make a freefallthe combination that you must develop with your character is the following:

  • L1 – L2 – R1 – R2 – LEFT – RIGHT – LEFT – RIGHT – L1 – L2 – R1 – R2 – LEFT – RIGHT – LEFT – RIGHT.

If you do this combination, you will be able to fulfill the free fall and achieve your planned goal.

Are there more special combinations for GTA V?

There are many other skills you can develop with your characterespecially to get money. Next, we are going to give you some Other tips that will be very useful for you to fulfill your GTA V missions and reach the 100% gold medal. Especially if you want get moneyin a much simpler and faster way.

  • Locate the armored carsLike the vans, you just have to follow the route, yes, with good weapons, such as explosives and even launch rockets to take the money and leave.
  • You can complete your missions independently, but remember that the Team playleads to very interesting extra bonuses, so it doesn’t hurt to use the GTA V Social Club and make the most of all your options to acquire fast money.
  • Keep your money in a bank Whenever possible, it is advisable to do it as soon as you complete any of the missions. Remember that in Los Santos, exposing yourself with a lot of money is not a good idea.
  • If you are chased by the police, while you are in a car turn off the lights of this is a good option, an important fact is that if you manage to park in a suitable place, they will pass by and it will be easier for you to run away.

Always remember to complete your daily missionsif you do it will be an easier way to get $25 thousand in the video game.