How to fall in love in GreedFall: In this role-playing video game developed by the Spiders company and released in September 2019, there are also time for romance. That’s why we’re going to tell you in this SamaGame entry how to seduce Kurt, Vasco, Síora and Aphra. The choice is up to you.

There is four possibilities of romance in GreedFall, which gives the protagonist of the game, both in its male and female version, three options in any game. Kurt, for female characters; Síora and Vasco for male or female characters; and Aphra for male characters. The conditions necessary to be lucky in your romances with these characters will depend on the gender, the achievement of the three relationship missions and that you sleep with them. When you do, an achievement will be unlocked for each character. Even so, after completing the third mission, players will have to talk about their romance once more.

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How to seduce Kurt in GreddFall

One of the first partners you’ll encounter in GreedFall is Kurt, a guy specializing in heavy armor and melee combat. kurt is Constantin’s master-at-arms. You’ll find him a bit cynical, but he’s very protective of de Sardet. You will have to make some concrete decisions to achieve your goal in the main mission The Great Exit.

  • Missing In Action: Once you reach New Serene, you should talk to Constantin in the Governor’s Palace. Choose at the end the line: “Tell him it was so you can understand him better.” Please note that this is an approximate translation.
  • After completing the Old Countries in a New World quests, you will be able to continue with the Ghost Whisperer quests. Here you will have to “tell him a childhood memory.”
  • At the end of the Settling the Score mission, tell Kurt, “I hope you’ll be a part of it.”
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What you should keep in mind is that you will have to complete these missions before the mission Betrayal. Otherwise, the course of the game will change completely, as it is a key moment in the GreedFall story.

How to seduce Vasco in GreedFall

Vasco is not the best character to accompany you in close combat due to the fact that it’s a bit soft. However, it has great agility, since its main characteristic is dexterity. He also handles firearms very well. He holds the rank of captain in charge of the Nauts. You will meet him on the journey to New Serene, during the quest Find Constantin in the Palace. This romance will be one of the first you can complete in GreedFall, both for the male and female versions of De Sardet. These are the steps you have to follow in their respective missions:

  • A name for a family: at the end of this personal search, ask him if he has any fond memories. Once you do, he will lead you to his next mission.
  • Family meeting: When you get to the end, suggest that they can speak their mind. This mission follows the same pattern as the previous one, so you will access the next one after completing it.
  • Nauta forever: Tell Vasco that you wish you could set sail with him again. Completed romance.
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How to seduce Síora in GreddFall

Síora is in New Serene, acting as a kind of representative of Teer Fradee. She is the daughter of Queen Bládnid and is very curious about the new settlers. Her function is to show how the natives behave. She is very useful as a party member thanks to her wielding of light swords and power elemental magic. Her romance with de Sardet, both in the male and female versions of her, depends on the decisions she makes in GreedFall, just like the rest of the characters.

  • Find Queen Bládnid – Players will receive this Síora’s personal search after a key moment in history. When you get to the end, ask Síora how she feels about the loss of her mother.
  • The Promises Set in Stone: After a couple more quests, complete this quest and tell Síora that it is “logical according to her culture.” Also, you will have to refuse the bribe to keep the romance as smooth as possible.
  • The queen’s goodbye: it will take place two days after the previous mission, when talking with Síora. You’ll need to tell Síora that “it’s understandable if she has to go” when you get to the end.
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GreedFall: How to Romance Aphra

This character is the last to arrive in the GreedFall group. This implies that you will have to complete Old Countries in a New World and the Scholars in the expedition missions. Is a expert in handling firearms, but it would be nice if you protected her from melee combat. Although they share admiration for the island’s nature, she doesn’t spend much time with Síora. She is a naturalist focused on science and discovery. Her personal mission is to find a cure for Malichor. She can have an affair with de Sardet in the male version of her.

  • Island Wisdom: Players will be able to unlock this quest when Aphra joins the party. Ask her about her “two childhoods” to start the romance.
  • The Cave of Knowledge: Tell Aphra that you have learned a lot from her when this quest ends.
  • The Bonding Ritual: To seal the romance, tell her that you expect “her to be a part of your adventure.”
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We have already reached the end of this SamaGame entry. Now to take advantage of your amatory arts. We are excited to see you become a heartthrob.