How to find villages in minecraft.

How to find villages in Minecraft. The villages are small towns made up of groups of buildings inhabited by villagers. The people who live in these villages may or may not be peaceful. Villages are found in pretty much any biome, but there are some tricks on how to find villages in Minecraft. In other articles we have discussed the topic of How to make a compass in Minecraft or How to get slime balls in Minecraft and now we are going to teach you those tricks to find towns in Minecraft.

How to find villages in Minecraft step by step

When we start a new game in Minecraft Survival mode, a message is generated. world randomly. Because of this, we never know where the villages are, and for this reason, the first thing to do is explore the map and try to find a village. There is no specific way in which we always find the towns, but there are some clues that can help.

How to find villages in minecraft

It is very likely that you are near one village if you find these things on your way:

  • a lost villager
  • a path on the ground
  • Animals with Items or Armor
  • Blocks with workplaces

These are orvery common objects in the villagesso a villager has been able to leave it while taking a walk.

How to find villages in minecraft

Another way to find towns is with a chest map, since the locations of the most important villages are marked on these.

what is a village

Villages are places with a complex of buildings in which the citizens of that town live. They are made up of houses, wells, buildings, … in which the villagers carry out their tasks. a village is inhabited by villagersbut it may also be that we have the presence of other creatures as:

How to find villages in minecraft
  • cats
  • iron golems
  • Peddlers
  • Calls
  • zombie villagers
  • Horses
  • pigs
  • sheep

types of villages

Although there is no official classification of the types of towns in Minecraft, these vary in terms of the type of decoration, animals, and clothing worn by the villagers. In addition to this classification, we can also Find villages in different biomes.

These are:

How to find villages in minecraft
  • flat earth
  • Taiga (Forests with rivers)
  • Sheet
  • snowy tundra
  • Desert

In this article we have discovered How to find villages in minecraft, something important if we want to trade and exchange objects and materials with the villagers. From trick library We believe that you may be interested in the article on How to make modern houses in Minecraft and thus continue growing in this world of adventures.