How to fish in Valheim.

How to fish in Valheim. In this survival game it is essential to get food. To do this you must learn to farm, hunt and of course fish. The advantage is that in Valheim there is a lot of water, so it will be easy for you to cast the hook. In this guide, we will give you all the indications to practice and know how to fish in Valheim.

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How to fish in Valheim, complete guide

Valheim is a game about being a Viking in a mystical realm, but you can’t defeat Odin’s enemies on an empty stomach. There is plenty of food to cook and find in the game, and fishing is one of the easiest ways to obtain a sustainable source of food.

How to fish in Valheim
  • Where to find the fishing rod
  • The fishing rod is only sold by the merchantif you need help here you can see how to find the merchant Haldor in Valheim. You will also need 350 gold coins to proceed with the purchase. Make sure you also buy bait, you will need it to catch your fish.

  • How to fish in Valheim
  • Fishing in Valheim is a fairly straightforward process. Of course, you will need to have your fishing rod equipped and you will need to have some lures in your inventory. Once you’re all set up, it’s time to find some water and start fishing!

    How to fish in Valheim

    Here’s how to do it:

    • Stay near the water and look for fish.
    • Hold down the left mouse button to load the shot.
    • Release the left mouse button to throw the line.
    • Click the right mouse button to move the line.
    • After catching a fish, you must press the right button to retrieve the line on the reel. You should keep in mind that this consumes his stamina!
    • Once the fish is close enough to you, press E to pick it up.

    If you can’t catch it or you are unlucky and can’t find any fish, you should cast your line and try again. Catching a fish will give you raw meat that needs to be cooked on a bonfire.

    How to fish in Valheim

    Unfortunately, the fishing rod in Valheim isn’t an actual “tool” like other things in the game. The advantage is that it will not break after using it many times. The drawback, however, is that it cannot be upgraded to improve its performance.

    Here we have explained how to fish in Valheim, we also remind you that we have more guides dedicated to how to build a stove in Valheim.

    How to fish in Valheim