How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android.

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Officially released in October 2019 for Android and iOS, Call of Duty: Mobile was an immediate hit in the app stores. In the first 3 days, the game reached the mark of 35 million downloads, surpassed the following weekend, when it gathered more than 100 million users. As of June 2020, the title has registered over 250 million players and generated a whopping $327 million in revenue.

How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android

And success is not for less. COD: Mobile inherited from its “older brothers” all the elements most loved by fans of the franchise, including weapons, characters, maps and equipment that promote tactical advantages in combat. The feeling of nostalgia quickly captured the hearts of players and showed that the title is here to stay.

COD authorization error

Unfortunately, the game also has some technical issues that have possibly plagued some of its users. One of them is the Authorization Error (Code 5, 1401, 1200), which prevents players from accessing COD: Mobile and can be persistent.

How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android

Authorization error screen in COD: Mobile. (Source: Activision, YouTube/Reproduction)Source: Activision, YouTube

This problem, most of the time, is related to instabilities in the game servers, however there are some suggestions that are worth trying to solve it.

How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android

How to fix the authorization error

For starters, you need to know some of the possible reasons that cause the problem: incorrect login data, using an old version of the game, trying to connect with an account banned by Activision or having an unstable internet connection.

Clear COD Cache Data: Mobile

This method “resets” the app to its initial state, as first downloaded from the app store. However, it is possible to do it only on Android devices, since on iOS it is necessary to perform a complete reinstallation to clear the game cache.

How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android

The process for clearing an app cache on an Android device is pretty simple: just locate the COD: Mobile icon, tap and hold to reveal more options, then select “Info”. Tap “Storage” and finally “Clear Cache”—which is often accompanied by a broom icon.

Notice: This process will delete your local settings and preferences.

Steps to clear an Android app cache. (Source: Adriano Camacho)Source: Adriano Camacho

How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android

Check your internet connection

If the above method does not work, try accessing COD: Mobile via another internet connection, such as via mobile data. The change, in addition to helping track down a possible cause of the error, is a way to get around it.

If successful using an alternate connection, it may be necessary to restart the router used initially to remedy possible network instabilities. Once that’s done, close COD: Mobile, switch the connection again and try to log in again.


VPN services make applications and programs consider other servers and regions to connect to the internet. (Source: VPN Overview/Reproduction)Source: VPN Overview

How to Fix COD Authorization Error: Mobile on Android

Another alternative, less suitable, but possibly functional, is to use a VPN (or virtual private network). The measure serves to access the game using another region or server, with the counterpoint of also generating more slowness and latency. If the player chooses this method, it is recommended to use a paid VPN service, which usually offers better speeds.

Check out COD’s social networks: Mobile

In the worst case, if neither method works, the difficulty could be related to problems on the game server. In situations of great instability, the company responsible for developing COD: Mobile usually speaks out and answers questions from players on social networks. Thus, following and consulting the application’s official vehicles, such as Twitter, can avoid further inconvenience.