Many users of Apple and their Mac OS X system have been able to experience problems after performing an update in the security aspect, specifically, in wired network connections via Ethernet, if you are one of those affected, do not worry, in In this tutorial you will learn in a simple and guided way how to get rid of these problems, and connect to the network again as normal.

Eliminate connection problems due to security update in OS X

First, the number referring to this update is 031-51913, and it presents incompatibility problems with some Broadcom chipsets in its version 3.28.1, especially in the part of Ethernet connections for the Internet. There are two ways to solve the problem:

  • Apple has released a recent update that aims to eliminate this incompatibility, therefore, you must connect to a network Wifi and start the download of the new patch, so this path is the easiest to follow, however, the problem can get worse if you do not have a wireless connection, for this follow what will be explained below.
  • You will have to go back to the previous update, for this you must first know the number of your installed patch, following these steps:
  • Press the options key, and at the same time, click on “System Information”, located within the main menu.
  • Once there, locate the tab called “Software” and then go to the area called “Installations”.
  • Locate the installation that has the name “Kernel incompatible extension configuration data” which represents the security update.
  • View the version you have, if your version is 3.28.1 you should continue reading this tutorial, however, if your version is 3.28.2, you do not have any problems and your connection is free of errors.

How to go back to the previous version without Wi-Fi connection?

It is very simple to go back to the previous version of the update, so that you can download the new version 3.28.2, for this you must start your Mac in recovery mode and perform the following steps:

  • In recovery mode, enter the disk and partition tool, then in the options menu mount your main partition (where your system is installed).
  • Close the partition tool, and start a new command prompt there in recovery mode, then enter the following command:

rm -rf “/Volumes/Disk_Name/System/Library/Extensions/AppleKextExcludeList.kext”

(Replace “Disk_name” with the name of your partition)

  • Reboot your computer, and this is it, the rest will be done automatically, your Ethernet will work, you will be able to connect to the internet and update to the latest patch.