How to fix Mafia III on Windows 10

Many players of the adventure thriller Mafia III may encounter problems launching the game on Windows 10 operating system. The reasons may vary, but they are quite fixable.

How to fix game launch issues in Windows 10

There are quite a few factors that affect the performance of Mafia III, so you should take a look at them, as well as the available solution options.

Method 1: Update your video card drivers

You may have outdated drivers. You can check if they are up to date and download new ones with the help of special utilities. For example, Driver Booster, DriverPack Solution, SlimDrivers and others. Below is an example of updating drivers using DriverPack Solution.

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How to update your computer drivers with DriverPack solution

  • Download and run the utility.
  • If you do not want to download all the recommended drivers and programs consecutively, click “Expert Mode”.
  • In the section. “Software”. Check or uncheck the boxes next to the suggested apps.
  • Low. “Drivers”. you can see the components that need to be updated. Start the download and installation with the “Install All” button.
  • The update process will start.
  • Method 2: Run Windows 7 Compatibility Mode

    Some apps and games work on Windows 10 in compatibility mode with other versions of the operating system.

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  • Find the Mafia 3 game icon and call the context menu by right-clicking on it.
  • Select the item «Properties».
  • Go to the “Compatibility” tab. and check “Run the program in compatibility mode with:”.
  • In the menu, search for “Windows 7”.
  • Save the changes with the “Apply” button.
  • Other forms.

    There are other solutions to the problem of running Mafia 3.

    • Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements for the game.
    • You must have all necessary game patches installed.
    • Check the location path of Mafia III. It should only consist of Latin characters.
    • Preferably, the Windows account name should be made up of Latin characters.
    • Run the game as administrator. To do this, call the context menu of the shortcut and select “Run as administrator”.
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    This is how you can fix Mafia 3 startup problem.

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