How to get a Porsche 911 in Cyberpunk? The Porsche in Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to being based on a real-life Porsche 911, is one of the fastest vehicles in the entire game, making it a car you want to keep in your Garage to use at its top speed on races. NightCity streets.

But not all good things come easily, this is a secret and optional vehicle, so you will have to do a few steps to unlock it, but with the steps below, you will be able to unlock it whenever you have the opportunity in your game.

How to get a Porsche 911 in Cyberpunk?

Requirements to unlock Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche 911.

Play as normal, until you come across the Rogue mission, which is called Chippin’In, you will aim to find and neutralize your target, Grayson, a former associate of Johnny’s who set him up in the past.

.After finding and neutralizing it, you will get mission objective dialogues between Rouge and Johhny, pay attention to what Johhny tells you, even though he does not give you the information the mission needs, he will give you some keys and a crane card that you can get from him before neutralizing him.

If you already did this missionand you didn’t check Grayson’s body, you can search again where you neutralized him when you’re not doing quests, and it will let you get the keys to the container, this time you won’t have on the minimap where the crane is or Grayson’s objective, like this If you don’t remember where it is, I recommend you watch a video of the mission to remember the location, while Grayson is there, the Porsche 911 will too.

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Close to there, by the docks, you will see a crane that has a Container (the only one that is in use near some stairs with a screen), and with the access key, you can lower it to the floor and open it, with this you will find the desired and secret Porsche 911, which was the old Johnny Silverhand’s primary vehicle.

You can drive it and take advantage of all its speed, either as Johnny Silverhand or V’, depending on your dialogues and choices in the mission, through the docks in the area, ideal to see its maximum speed and how it does the curves at high speed, in addition to also find a secret place that can change the ending of the game and give you an extra mission.

As a detail of the vehicle, it is a Porsche 911 made with the support of the company in real life, so it is based on a real model, modified with details such as Samurai stickers as our character is called, and a speed and handling that it is compared to a model this style in real life.

With features like it’s straight out of a real life Rally game, this Porche is one of the reasons many players choose this decision branch in this mission, as there is no other vehicle like it.