How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It is a game for Nintendo Switch, focused on raising monsters rather than capturing them. You have to look for and take care of the eggs of various types of monsters, in order to form your team.

There are 217 types of creatures although some are variants of others, and 125 of them can be part of your team. In this article we have prepared a guide dedicated to how to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

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How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The eggs are in the nest, located in the monster burrows, marked on the map by an egg-shaped icon, once you have caught an egg, the nest will be emptied completely automatically. Normally, however, in Monster Dens, there is a chance to trade it with another to try and get a better one, as there are a limited number of tries before the nest is emptied.

How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

The nests will be guarded by a sleeping monster most of the time, sometimes they will even be empty, or you will have a chest with bottle caps, with a large monster as a guard. The constant exchange of eggs increases the chances that the monster will attack us or wake up if it sleeps. The sleeping monsters will only wake up if we interact with the eggs, so walking near them or jumping on them will not wake them up. To get the egg out of the lair, you will need to transport it near the exit, where a box will appear with a message asking if you want to leave the lair. You can leave the lair immediately or stay to find materials and other monsters, the egg will be placed inside our egg box.

The egg crate can hold up to 12, and you can access the crate screen from the camp menu. We can see its information, that is, the type, the place where we found it and the Navirou rating.

How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Lairs and rare eggs Monster Hunter Stories 2

Sometimes, the monsters’ densinstead of having a gray rock at the entrance, they will be covered with golden rocks, in which case you are faced with a rare lair. We recommend exploring them, since in these dens mostly offer rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. As soon as you unlock the channeling rite, you can transfer rare genes to your favorite monsterIn addition, rare lairs can house monsters that don’t normally appear in the immediate vicinity.

different types of eggs

When we find an egg, Navirou our partner Felyne, will evaluate it based on weight and smell is related to its rarity, the higher the weight, the better its quality and, consequently, the possibility that the monster has rare genes. If while we are extracting the egg, we see a glow coming out of the nest, it means that that creature will have better genes than normal. Finally, we can easily understand what kind of monster will be inside the egg from the pattern on the shell.

How to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Hatch Eggs

To incubate an egg we will have to go to the stables, there is one per village and it will be represented on the map with an egg icon. The Felyne outside the stables will have an orange balloon over her head when you have a chance to hatch a pet. If we see improved stats during hatching (+1 ATK or +1 DEF), it means that the monster will have better stats in that field.

Ready! So far our guide how to get eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 we hope it has been useful. We remind you of other articles related to how to find Kirin in Monster Hunter World.