How to get free CS GO skins.

How to get free CS GO skins. The cosmetics and skins in the games manage to capture the attention of the players, and in many occasions we end up spending more money on these add-ons than on the games themselves.

However, there are some ways in which you can get all this for free, and today in SamaGame we detail all the ways in which you can get free CS GO skins.

How to get free CS GO skins

How to get free CS GO skins

✪ Get free skins by leveling up

As long as you get level up in the game you will receive one random skin. The most common thing is that the one you receive is one of those with the lowest value if you check it out in the store, but it is always exciting to receive something for free and, in addition, there are occasions when you can receive something of greater value.

✪ Opening boxes

Opening boxes is one of the most common ways to get free skins. After finishing a match, you will receive a box that, upon opening it, will give you a variety of free items. Between them you may receive the skin you want. Although as a general rule, as we mentioned before, the value of the objects received is not usually very high, open all the boxes you can to achieve a higher level of success.

How to get free CS GO skins

✪ Visiting the Steam community

If you stay active and keep an eye on the Steam community by visiting it frequently, you will have noticed that there are new releases every week. ways to get points.

You can later exchange these points for skins, so you should get as many as possible. The ways to get them are very varied: complete missions, watch videos, invite friends, download applications…

How to get free CS GO skins

✪ Joining an inactive server

There are some servers that seem inactive, but if you join them they will give you one point for every minute what happens in them Therefore it is very interesting to join these servers to be able to exchange these points for that skin that you have been wanting for so long.

These are all the safest ways to get free skins in CS GO. We know that there are some third-party pages that offer free skins, but we advise you not to trust these types of pages, especially those that ask to make a prior deposit of money.

How to get free CS GO skins