How to get free gems in Dragon City.

How to get free gems in Dragon City.

How to get free gems in Dragon City: all options

✪ Level up

The easiest way to start earning gems is level up. In the Dragon City game there are a total of 100 levels, and for each level you climb you will receive a free gem. That is, once you have uploaded all the levels, you will have 99 gems obtained for free.

How to get free gems in Dragon City

✪ Download the app

If you are a fan of Dragon City, you probably already have the application installed. This is a very convenient and simple way to earn gems, since just by having it downloaded and staying active in it, you receive 5 gems per week. So take this opportunity to get free gems every week.

✪ Fill the pages of the book

The pages of the book are completed having the maximum possible number of dragons. Currently, there are more than 500 dragons available, so there is a huge supply to complete the pages of the book.

How to get free gems in Dragon City

For every page you fill in the book of Dragons you will receive between 2 and 10 gems.

✪ Win at the Colosseum

Every day you have two opportunities to participate in the Colosseum. Every time you win you receive 2 gems, so if you win both times a day, you will accumulate a total of 4 gems per dayand also in an entertaining and fast way.

How to get free gems in Dragon City

✪ Participate in events

In-game events are also very easy and fast ways to earn gems. Many consist of watching a video or downloading an application, but there are times when you will also be asked to complete a task or challenge – don’t worry, they are very easy to complete.

Since you are always rewarded with gems, it is interesting to participate in them, because even if you do not receive a very large amount, if you participate in all of them, you can accumulate a good amount in the end.

How to get free gems in Dragon City

✪ Ask a friend for gems

Dragon City has a friend system, so if you find yourself in trouble there is always the option to request gems from one of them.

✪ Invite friends

Inviting friends you can receive up to 5 gems. Therefore, invite as many friends as possible if you want to significantly increase the number of gems.

✪ Participate in the tournament

You can use your dragons to participate in the tournament in the Combat World Dragon League. There are three opportunities every six hours, and if you manage to be victorious you will be rewarded with gems and even some gold, so you should take advantage of the opportunity.

How to get free gems in Dragon City

✪ Tower gems

If you collect every day the gem you can get in the tower, at the end of the week you will have 7 gems for free just by staying active in the game.

These are all the ways you can get free gems in Dragon City.