Fall Guys: How to Get More Keys

Method 1: Participate in every game

The best way to earn keys in Fall Guys is to play regularly. Every time you play a round you get some keys, which means that the more you play, the more likely you are to get more keys to trade for artifacts.

How to get more keys in Fall Guys

Method 2: Complete challenges

Fall Guys also offers challenges a few times. If you complete a challenge, you will receive a reward, which often includes a key. Challenges are constantly changing, so keep an eye out for changes and appreciate them while you can.

Method 3: Reward Coupons

Fall Guys offers reward coupons to its players through various channels. These coupons sometimes contain markers for keys and special items. Coupons are sent weekly in the newsletter or given out during special events or promotions.

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Method 4: Follow social media trends

The easiest way to keep up with any changes to Fall Guys is to follow the app’s social media account. Be sure to follow their trends to be one of the first to get exclusive coupons.

Extra tips and tricks to get keys in Fall Guys:

  • Participate in the season with your team. Seasonal effects, such as achievements, daily achievements, and account-linked offers, often include key markers.
  • Research Twitch and Instagram content. The official Fall Guys Twitch and Instagram accounts offer premium content from time to time. To keep an edge, be sure to monitor them and enter any sweepstakes or contests that are offered.
  • Play on different platforms. By playing Fall Guys on desktop, consoles or mobile, you will receive keys for each of these platforms. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can exchange them for exclusive items and special food.
  • By following these steps and tricks, you will be able to get keys in Fall Guys easily, speeding up the game process. So have fun and play to win lots of keys!

    Tips to get more keys in Fall Guys

    Fall Guys is a game of entertainment and joy. It consistently excites us with its world of color and the latest challenges. The only thing that limits users is the number of keys available, as keys are often required to access further levels of the game. So how can you get more keys in Fall Guys? Here are the following tips:

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    1. Subscribe to the application mailing list:

    By subscribing to the app’s mailing list, users will receive a notification whenever a new key is added to the game. Be sure to enter your email address and verify your email address in order to receive messages.

    2. Take part in contest games and win keys:

    There are several quiz games available that offer great prizes to users. Test your skill and start participating for big wins like in-game keys.

    3. Support the developer by buying keys:

    When one financially supports the developer by buying keys, the latter thanks by relieving the former of certain validations. This means that by purchasing a certain number of keys, users often get even more free keys.

    How to get more keys in Fall Guys

    4. Use tricks and traps:

    Users can also use cheats and tricks to get more keys quickly. For this, a specific website is recommended, where users will find a wide range of tricks and cheats to increase the number of keys quickly and safely. If you go this route, you must execute the cheats correctly so as not to lose keys.

    5. Participate in social networks:

    On social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., there are many official pages, each regularly offering keys, tickets, gifts and more. Keep an eye on these pages to get these gifts, which can be helpful in getting more keys for free.

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    6. Use bonus ads:

    Many apps advertise a bonus to users every time they see an ad. This is a good way to easily get keys, just by clicking on the ad.

    Final recommendations:

    • Don’t forget to check the Fall Guys mailing list daily for the latest key deals and discounts.
    • Take part in contest games to get free keys.
    • Take advantage of bonus ads.
    • Use tricks and cheats safely to get more keys.
    • Stay on top of social media for the latest key deals.

    Now you are ready to get more keys in Fall Guys safely and quickly. The next level is just a few keys away. Make sure you follow these tips to get it!

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