How to get PlayStation TV to run all Vita games.

The life of a PlayStation TV owner can be frustrating – especially when many Vita games are supposed to run on the micro-console they don’t, blocked from Sony’s list. Now, a new exploit by a hacker known as Mr Gas changes everything. When sending some open attachments to yourself in the Vita email application, PS Tv should – in theory – allow you to play any Vita game.

Very cool due to the way personalized memory cards work – they can be switched at will between Vita and PS TV, so you can play anywhere and then put the card in the micro console and continue playing on the big screen. For the first time you can play games like WipEout 2048 and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the big screen and then on the laptop.

We must not forget that many games are not included in the PS TV list for good reason. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, for example, needs Vita’s camera in an area and PSTV is obviously unable to do so. But at the same time, there are many games where touch control is needed and Sony emulated the functionality – the DualShock 4’s touch panel emulates the touches on the front screen, while the analog ones can be used to invoke a pointer on the screen to do the same on DualShock 3.

How to get PlayStation TV to run all Vita games

We tested the feat and it runs perfectly, it was a lot of fun to play WipEout 2048. There are several tutorials available but the best is this in DomThyBomb video that we followed in this article. If you can’t follow any of the steps, watch the video in real time. There is a step-by-step in text on how to get all Vita games running on PSTV – remember that does not mean you can play them all.

  • First, create a Gmail account if you don’t have one. PSTV supports some email systems but Gmail is the most reliable.
  • Second, download the file here and place it on your desktop. It will not damage your computer.
  • Then download the Thunderbird email client. Run and integrate your new Gmail account into it.
  • In Thunderbird go to the options menu and choose ‘open a recorded message’, choosing writer.eml. Open this and then in the Message option choose Edit a New Message, or press CTRL-E. Now you can change the address of the recipient to your new account and send.
  • Now create a new image and import the file list_launch_vita.dat and send it back to yourself. Now change the subject line to ur0: game / launch / list_launch_vita.dat. After that, click on the right button and rename it as # 0. Again, send it back to yourself and the job is done on the computer.
  • In PSTV, run the email application and put your Gmail data, choose to synchronize contacts.
  • Open the first email you sent (must be at the bottom) and click on the attached image. You will receive an error message. Now you have to press the home button and exit the email application completely (when we see that effect of the page to be turned).
  • Now run the email application again and re-enter your details. Once again click on the attached image and then press the home button and exit the application again (once again obtaining that effect of the page to be turned).
  • The system is now compatible with the feat and you should be able to run any Vita game on PSTV.

The question is how will Sony respond? PSTV – and even Vita would say some – was neglected by its owner. The exploitation of the attachment in the email has been known for some time and although it allows write-read access to the system, we know that the privileges are not compatible with complete homebrew – or even piracy. It is not a threat to Sony but the company has traditionally disliked consumers to mess with their consoles, so a ‘stability update’ may come soon.

How to get PlayStation TV to run all Vita games

On the one hand, perhaps Sony should think that more Vita players would buy a PSTV if they were able to play more games on it. The question is: what does the company have to lose by officially opening the door to all Vita games, presenting a warning when the application is not approved, indicating that there may be compatibility problems? We hope that the problem will be viewed positively, but in the meantime, owners of a PSTV who also have a Vita can open the door to new opportunities in this way.