How to get Spider-Man’s web shooter in Fortnite. Fortnite Chapter 3 arrived in early December 2021 and has several references to Spider-Man, such as the “Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters«.

The team is scattered around the map and any player can buy it. With it, the player can move around the island through nets and jumps.

In addition, the Battle Pass has several superhero-related prizes, such as the costume. However, you do not need to be dressed to be able to use the Web Launcher.

From SamaGame we have prepared some tips on how to get the item in the game and how to use the equipment.

It is worth remembering that Fortnite is available for free download at pc (via Epic Store), playstation 5 (PS5), Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and on Android phones.

Where are the web launchers in Fortnite?

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters do not have exact spawn locations in 100% of the games. However, after a few turns, one of the places where the item appears most often is in the “Daily Bugle” location.

That’s because this is the name of the newspaper where Peter Parker works as a freelance photographer to get extra money to help around the house. So if you want to bet on a place to get the Web-Shooters, try The Daily Bugle first.

It is worth mentioning that the building is a point of interest and the spatial dispute can be immediate. That’s because there, in addition to the Launchers, there are several chests, as well as many interesting supplies to “farm” at the beginning of the game.

However, there is always the possibility of get the desired equipment throughout the game, eliminating the players who have the Launchers. Either way, the user will likely have to face some challenge to get the item.

How to use web launchers in Fortnite

If the player is familiar with games like Marvel’s Spider-Man or Marvel’s Miles Morales, the use of Web-Shooters will be intuitive. However, for anyone who has never experienced the sensation of jumping from one building to another by swinging on Spider-Man’s webs, it is not difficult to learn. To use the equipment, simply aim at a surface that is within range of the nets and use the fire button.

If the player presses and releases it, the character will be taken to the place they pointed to. However, if the user holds down the button After shooting the web, you can prolong the movement and swing from one site to another.

It is worth mentioning that the team has a limited number of networks, similar to ammunition. Also, the Launcher can be used to pick up equipment from the ground.

Another good use of the object, apart from the fun of swinging from side to side, is to take advantage of it to be able to “loot” places for a longer time. This is because web launchers allow the player to move with greater speed, so they can spend more time in locations without worrying about fog.

Now that you know where to find and how to use Spider-Man’s web shooter in Fortnite, we recommend that you read this other tutorial where we explain how to find llamas in the game.