How to get the Abyssal Armor Fragment in Darksiders Genesis? The latest installment of the Darksiders series Abyssal Armor locationsit is related to a technologically advanced game that gives the player the possibility to have his moment to collect the last one, knowing where are all the locations of the Abyssal Armor in Darksiders Genesis for War.

The first piece in the Vault of H**l

Tenirnfo has to destroy the rock ore wall using the Vorpal Blade. Finding the head-shaped chest that contains the first piece of the nether armor set.

The second piece is found in the Treasury

Making a vacuum pump in lava and in the boosted portal area to jump and use the grappling hooks. Follow the path to reach the chest. The fourth piece is in the Hole, so the player heads there, and use Aether Spark to access the climbing beams and climb up.

Use Void Bomb to create a portal to an explosive

Then, it is thrown at the rock ore wall. The player then destroys the enemy that appears. Once he’s defeated him he destroys the door and gets to the chest. the fifth and last Armor piece is found in the War Machine.

Go through the portal and follow the path through the Void Corridor until you reach the explosive stone

The player uses the Ghost Hook to pick it up and throw it at the ore wall. rock blocking the way. Now, he uses the Vorpal Blade to force it to explode. Jump into this area and grab another explosive to throw at the ore rock you can see from your spot, place more until you get to the one you want to explode for a domino effect. Once they have exploded the door will open which you must pass through to reach the next travel zone.

Use the Vacuum Bomb once more to create another portal between the two boosted areas.

The player carries another explosive through it to blow up the next batch of rock ore. He grabs the explosive that appears once he’s destroyed the rock ore and throws it towards the portal he sees in the distance. Hopefully he’ll have destroyed another rock ore wall, but if he’s still there once he’s followed the path, he should try again. Once you’ve got it, you’ll find the fifth chest.

All Abyssal armor in the game

At this time the player should have all Nether Armor Of all the Darksiders games that came before Genesis. This is the first half of the latest installment of the Abyssal Armor locations, in Darksiders Genesis for Strife.

You will have to unlock the door using Aether Spark

The player must take the action to place a ball on his side of the gate, then uses Vorpal Blade to unlock a side door and finally uses Aether Spark again to place a ball on the other side of the door, thus unlocking it. Therefore, when you enter you will see a chest shaped like a head, you have to open it and there is the first piece.