How to get the heavy machine gun in Cyberpunk 2077? The iconic Defender heavy machine gun, based on various weapons from the Anime aesthetic, is a very unique and useful weapon in the game due to its excellent amount of weaponry without reloading, as well as being able to bounce bullets off surfaces such as walls or the ground to ensure you eliminate your targets. .

Being an open world game, we have several ways to obtain this weapon, get it in a store at a somewhat high price, or do a specific mission that allows us an area boss to leave us the weapon in question, in this case the Defender M2067 heavy machine gun.

Buy the Legendary Heavy Machine Gun at the Legendary Weapons Shop.

This legendary weapons shop for this LMG is located in the northern part of Kabuki, we recommend you have a good level of prestige, and a large amount of Eurodollars, since it will go on sale at the price of 107424 Credits.

This one comes in its legendary version, and it comes with the availability of being able to give you 6 weapon mods, and a large amount of damage per second with its high bullet counter. But if you do not have that much money, or want to try a version of this weapon that does not cost so much first, here we will leave you another method to get it.

Get the Epic Heavy Machine Gun in CyberPunk 2077

Getting the Defender Heavy Machine Gun is achieved after progressing in the NCPD missions, where our objective will be located in Little China, on the coast of the main highway of Nigth City, our enemy to defeat is the Psycho Criminal Barry.

Barry will wait for you entrenched in his Little China alley, and his continuous fire will make it difficult to get close to him. But he has a high weakness for fire and electricity, so a Molotov or EMP grenade will make it very easy to get close to him and finish the mission.

Use the Defender Heavy Machine Gun.

Once Barry is down, or you have bought the weapon north of Kabuki, we recommend you try it in a wave-style mission, where the number of enemies to face is high, and take advantage of the rebound mechanic of this weapon.

This is the most powerful Heavy Machine Gun in Cyberpunk 2077, so once you have achieved it, we recommend you improve it full of modifications and other types of sights, you can expand it to a type of ammunition, be it electrical, thermal, chemical or physical.

Details of the M2067 Defender Heavy Machine Gun

  • 204.9 DPS
  • 100 Bullets per Magazine
  • Between 29-23 damage per bullet.
  • 7.75 attacks per second.
  • Its full potential is unlocked with a constitution value of 6
  • Power Weapon: Bullets can ricochet off surfaces.
  • 0.85 Damage multiplier to target weak points.
  • It includes 6 space for modifications in its Legendary version.
  • It is based on the weaponry of NCPD police officers.
  • Best used with the character crouched or in bursts