How to go to Warner by public transport

La Warner is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Madrid and the people of Madrid know that in order to enjoy it to the fullest, you have to know its complete offer. If you choose to travel by public transport, here we will explain how to get there without complications.

How to get to Warner?

La Warner is located in Villanueva de la Cañada, about 20 kilometers west of Madrid. The most convenient public transportation is:

  • Renfe suburban trains: This is one of the cheapest and easiest means of transportation to get to Warner. If you leave from Madrid, take line C-3 in the direction of Fuenlabrada, Alcalá de Henares or Guadalajara. To return, follow the same route in the opposite direction. The ticket fare is about 6 euros.
  • Bus: If you want to take the bus to get to Warner, you need a Metrobús ticket with integrated fare. Buy your ticket at the nearest authorized point of sale before boarding the bus. They will tell you which are the nearest stops.
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Important things to keep in mind

  • Schedules: Bus schedules change from week to week, so it is advisable to check the line once you arrive at the station. The arrival and departure times at Warner are from Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are from 10 am to 11 pm
  • Luggage: If you want to bring luggage or food to the Warner, you should know that there is a limit of 10 kilos per person. If you exceed that limit, you will have to pay an additional fee for each kilo of luggage you bring.
  • Transportation within the Warner: Within the Warner only authorized vehicles are allowed to circulate. If you decide to take the car to be able to move around the Warner, we recommend that you separate the parking ticket in advance.
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Now that you know how to get to Warner by public transportation, there’s no excuse not to have a great day of fun. Take advantage of!

How much does it cost to go to Warner by public transportation?

The bus ticket costs €3.60. The metro ticket costs €2.5 for line 10 and €3.25 for line 6.

How much time does it take to visit the Warner?

A normal visit to the Studio Tour lasts about three and a half hours, although there is no limit on how long you can stay in the venue. So it all depends on how much time you want to spend on it.

How to get to Warner Beach by public transport?

Train + Bus: Cercanías Line C – 3, with a stop in Pinto. There you can take buses 412 or 413, which go directly to the park. Metro + Bus: From the Villaverde Bajo Metro station, yellow line 3, you can take bus 412. You can also take bus 413, which stops at the La Vega shopping center.

What can not be put in the Warner?

For security reasons, it is not allowed to introduce food or drink inside the Parque Warner. Weapons, dangerous objects, animals, personal drinking fountains, cranes, balloons with gas, drones and plastic products are not allowed.

How to get to La Warner by public transportation

Are you looking for a viable way to get to Warner without worrying about traffic? Don’t worry! What you need to know is here.

There are several ways to get to Warner by public transportation. For example:

  • Bus – Bus line 20 will take you directly to the Warner entrance. You can see the approximate arrival time on the official website of the tram.
  • Train – you can take the train from the nearby train station. Look for the arrival and departure times on the official train website.
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What should you know before going to Warner by public transport?

  • Both buses and trains have time slots, so make sure you arrive in plenty before the park closes.
  • It is advisable to carry a public transport map, especially if you are not familiar with the route.
  • It is important to buy your transport card before you leave, so that you can use the buses and trains to get to and from home without problems.

Now you know how to get to Warner by public transportation. Have fun!

How to go to Warner by public transport

La Warner is a perfect entertainment site to visit with family or friends, offering a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. If you want to save on your visit to this amusement park, we will explain how to get there by public transport:

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How to get to Warner by bus

To get to Warner by bus, there are several options. You can check the current lines and schedules on the transport website of the Community of Madrid.

  • Line 514: that goes from San Sebastián de los Reyes to Warner Madrid.
  • Line 561: which connects San Sebastián de los Reyes with the San Fermín-Orcasur Metro station.
  • Line 573: which connects El Espinar with the San Fermín-Orcasur Metro station.

All these bus lines take you directly to the Warner entrance, so you won’t have a problem when you arrive.

How to get to Warner by train

If you prefer to travel by train to get to Warner, you will have to take Line C-4 (called Cuatro Caminos) from Atocha to the San Fermín-Orcasur station. Once there, you will have to change transport and take bus 551 or 561 to get to the Warner entrance.

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Now you know how to get to Warner by public transport without spending a lot. Take note of the schedules and enjoy your visit!