How to have Cable Internet in the Whole House? Do you want to have internet throughout your house, but with a cable connection, and you don’t know how? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will give you know all the necessary procedures so that you can enjoy the internet in every corner of your home.

Why is it Important to Have Internet in the Whole House?

Currently having internet at all times has become essential in a home. Since thanks to the internet we can be communicated at any time of the day with our friends, family, bosses and our work jobs. And we can do this simply by turning on the PC, opening the browser and entering the social networks, creating new bonds of friendship.

Previously (Before Wi-Fi was created) The router was connected to a PC and this was the only device that allowed internet access, which was very inconvenient since you had to wait for the person on the PC to vacate it to be able to use it, which was very annoying. because you had to wait a long time. But thanks to the fact that there is a new connection system, you can have internet on all the devices in your home.

How to have Cable Internet at Home?

In order to have internet throughout your home, you will need a series of essential materials to achieve this objective. These materials are the following:

  • router
  • Network wire
  • Meter
  • ethernet splitter
  • Tweezers or Scissors

Steps to Make the Connection

The first thing you have to have is a Router since this is the device that directs the Internet to the Network cable. It can’t be on yet as you have to wait for all the connections to settle.

Step 1

For this step it is necessary to buy many meters of “Network Cable” to be able to cover all the places in the house or places of interest such as the rooms, offices and living room. When we begin to make cuts, it is necessary to take a meter since this will determine the length of the cable. Always cut just enough so that you have enough lime for the rest of the house.

If your home is of average size, you will make 5 cuts since the connections will be in: 2 Rooms, 1 Office, 1 Living room and the guest room.

Step 2

Now you may be wondering the following: Now what do I do with these cut network cables? Do I put them in the Router? What do I do if I don’t have space for the connection? Don’t worry, This is where the Ethernet Splitter comes into use.

It is a very useful device since with it you can connect approximately 10 network cables (You can use it in case you want to expand the areas with cable internet). Connecting them is simple since it has inputs similar to that of a normal router (Be careful. It will not transmit internet if it is not connected to the router).

Step 3

When you have finished doing steps 1 and 2 you will already have 98% of the work finished. It only remains to connect the Ethernet Splitter (Make sure all network cables are perfectly connected) to the Router. You should also verify that the router is connected to a telephone line, otherwise it will be impossible to connect to the Internet. Then verify the above, proceed to connect both devices and that’s it.

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