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How to import a house plan with Sweet Home 3D? Advances in the tools for running a program offer the user thousands of opportunities to manipulate and make tasks to your likingso each program today has a huge number of options and settings that allow you to customize any space that we treat.

The developers They have in their hands several options to create a quality product, and we can see it on the platforms of streaming, in video games, on interactive pages, and everything we find through the network. And it has opened up the opportunity for people to carry out tasks that previously had a long process and a lot of preparation time, now it is in software and we can easily add it.

Tasks and chores such as making a plan, which could only be done by a skilled, now we find tools where anyone can create a semi-professional plan. And it does not mean that they are leaving professionals out of work, on the contrary, they can use them to take advantage of all the tools they contain and create plans in the shortest possible time and conserving the same quality.

Programs to simplify a job

In the grid we found a number of pages that offer their services to perform different tasks, one of the best known are the pages to transcribe a text, transfer a text from one language to another, it was a task that only a translator could do, now with just copy and paste, we have translated more than 20 lines in less than 30 seconds.

But we not only have the possibility of translating, everything related with numbers and measurements It has a significant demand from users who need a program to facilitate their work. And making a plan is a complicated task to do, and software like Sweet Home 3D, They allow this task to be facilitated, in addition to offering other functions when designing a property.

Sweet Home 3D: the program that every civil engineer should know

Sweet Home 3D It is a program where we can design infrastructures and make plans to work with precise measurements in a space. With this software we build a property in the virtual world, and later translate it into a real life job.

It works only for computers, and it is for professional use, so we must have a basic knowledge, of everything that involves planning a project. And we not only work with plans that we create from the page, we can also import existing plans and transfer it to the program.

How to import a house plan with Sweet Home 3D?

If we have a plan to study a house that has already been built, or a plan that was previously made manually, we can import it into the sweet home 3d software, so you don’t have to transcribe it into the program. In the toolbar at the top, we look for the “Plane” option and click on “import background image”.

Now, We scan the plan from the computer camerawe wait for the process to complete, and when the plan is on the screen, we click finish and we can start using it.

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