How to import and export passwords in Firefox.

We are going to explain to you how to import and export passwords in Firefox, so that you can use the ones you have in another browser or take to this other browser the ones you have in Mozilla’s. These are two very useful processes when you change the browser and you want to not have to remember all your passwords, just like the one we have already explained to import and explore them in Chrome.

The process to export the passwords is simple, you will see that everything appears clear in the browser menus. But Firefox no longer allows exporting passwords, so to do so, you will have to download a third-party application. We have chosen FF Password Exporter because it is a simple application to use. It will save the passwords in CSV and JSON files, which you can then use in other browsers to import them.

How to import and export passwords in Firefox

How to import passwords in Firefox

We are going to start with the steps you must take to be able to import passwords from another browser into Firefox. By importing, we mean that you can bring the passwords you have in another browser to Firefox. The first thing you have to do is press the menu button that you have with a three-striped icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

Once the pop-up menu is displayed, you have to click on the option Logins and passwords that will appear with the icon of a key. It is used to open the saved password manager of the browser.

How to import and export passwords in Firefox

Although in my screenshot it appears empty, I use a password manager, in the menu that opens you should see the passwords that you have saved locally in the browser. On this screen, click on the Import button that you have at the bottom right to start the process of fetching the passwords from another browser.

A new window will open with the import wizard. In it, first you must select the browser from which you want to import the passwords, the one in which the ones you want to bring to Firefox are saved. Only the browsers you have installed now will appear in the list. Once you choose one, press the Next button to continue.

How to import and export passwords in Firefox

The import wizard is not specific for each element, so you will go to a new screen where you must select what you want to bring from the browser you have selected. On this screen, check the Saved Passwords box as selected and press the Next button to continue. In addition to the passwords, you can also choose other elements that you want to bring from your other browser.

And that’s it, now you will go to a screen where you will be told that the passwords have been imported correctly, and you only have to click on the Finish button. You will return to the password window, where you will see that you have already brought the ones you had in the other browser that you have selected during the process.

How to import and export passwords in Firefox

How to export passwords from Firefox

As we have told you before, since the latest versions of Firefox (specifically, since 57), it is not possible to export and import passwords natively. That is why we are going to use an application called FF Password Exporter that works on Windows, macOS and GNU / Linux. So first go to their Github page and click on one of the download links in the Download / Install section.

If you choose the Portable or portable version of the application, with a double click on the executable you will be able to start using it. And if you download the Installer or installer, you will have to double click on the file to install the application. It is an automatic process in which you are not given options, you just start the installer and the application installs immediately.

Once installed, double click on its executable or on the file of the portable version to start it. The application will automatically detect the directory where passwords are saved in Firefox, and you just have to click on the Export Passwords button to carry out the process of saving them on your computer to be able to use them on another.

How to import and export passwords in Firefox

You will also see an option called choose a custom profile directory if you want to manually find where the passwords are hosted, and you can add a password to the file in which you are going to download them in order to protect them with an extra layer of security.

Now just choose where you want to save the file with your passwords and click on Save, the button at the bottom right of the save window. You can use the CSV and JSON formats, those used by browsers like Chrome to make the copy from their own settings.