How to improve streaming in Zoho?.

How to improve thestreaming in zoho? If to improve transmissions in a videoconference it is necessary that you have equipment with you with a good camera and a quality microphone, in a similar way, take care that you have a good internet connection and that the place where you are does not generate echoes or feedback so that the sound be clean.

Regarding lighting, you can place yourself in front of a natural or artificial light source so that your image looks clear and illuminated, with this gestures and some printed information that you want to show will be captured without having to upload them to images, charts, etc. tables or any other resource that can also be projected very easily on the screen.

How to improve streaming in Zoho?

Also take care that the cables to the internet network are well located to prevent them from being moved and interfering with the connection. If you have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, check that you have good internet reception.

How to make a good video call in Zoho?

Plan and present good content

How to improve streaming in Zoho?
  • Plan and organize your ideas so that your content is coherent, precise and simple.
  • Have confidence when speaking, an acceptable oratory, diction, a tone of voice according to the subject you are dealing with, as well as maintaining a good posture and neatness in your personal appearance.
  • It is not good to improvise because it shows that you are not prepared for the presentation.

Select the schedule

  • It is good that it is during office hours and if they are in different time zones, take care as much as possible that the time suits all attendees.

take care of the stage

How to improve streaming in Zoho?
  • Because they are work meetings, that is, formal, you should set the scene as close as possible to a workplace.
  • The sound must be clean and the lighting clear.
  • Locate the device with which you are going to transmit as fixed as possible.

take care of your appearance

  • You must dress as usual in your office or in case you do not have a uniform, dress as executive as possible, remember that it is a work transfer.

What are the advantages of making presentations in Zoho?

  • You can use a variety of unique Zoho templates.
  • You can access the content whenever you want as it is stored in the cloud.
  • By viewing the presentations you can proceed to plan new content, synthesize or expand some spaces of the next ones.
  • It adapts to different equipment and synchronizes with them.
  • You can include animations, transitions, charts, tables, graphs, infographics, diagrams, organization charts.
  • They are editable.
  • You can project them on the screen when you are in a video conference.
  • It is compatible with office power point.

What benefits does my company get if I join Zoho?

You will have full access to various and useful applications, among them we can mention:

How to improve streaming in Zoho?
  • Collaborative applications (messaging, document storage, virtual meetings, emails, manager of various projects, creator and editor of informative wikis).
  • There are also business ones (they have various super useful tools for companies).
  • In addition, there are productivity apps (event calendars, note-taking, spreadsheets, slides, agendas, word processors).
  • Other extremely important applications (they are used to view documents, analyze different businesses, prepare and evaluate surveys).