How to increase the battery life of the DualSense controller? PS5 PlayStation 5 corresponds to a desktop video game platform conceived by the Sony Interactive Entertainment corporation. The PlayStation 5 came out to the world in the last quarter of 2020 However, many want to know exactly how to increase the battery life of the DualSense controller and some of the advantages that this game station offers.

Therefore, in this post we will indicate some notions that we hope will be of great help. when increasing the battery life of the DualSense controller. The PlayStation 5 game console together with the Xbox Series X and Series S platforms from the computer giant Microsoft, exposed to the world in November 2020, correspond to the ninth line of video game platforms.

How can you increase the battery life of the DualSense controller?

  • First of all, go to the toolbar in the main menu of your PlayStation 5 and locate setting.
  • Now, choose in System the section that indicates energy saving.
  • In this segment, you’ll notice the default length of time until the controls are completely disabled.
  • You will have the option to configure within the following periods: 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or, failing that, turn off.
  • How can you remove a disc from PS5 using the controller?

  • First of all, you must hold down the power key for a period of three seconds, in order to turn off the PlayStation 5 platform.
  • Then, proceed to remove all cables and peripherals from the video game equipment.
  • Now, put the video game equipment on a soft cloth and remove the base.
  • How can be done to modify the size and text of the PS5 menu?

    There is no doubt that each user has particular requirements when it comes to using a video game platform, For this reason, it is relevant that there are alternatives that allow us to adjust the equipment according to our needs when we dedicate ourselves to playing. The limitations of sight and hearing are basic when we are dedicated to interacting properly with the monitor, that is why the creators consider these factors.

    This is how the developers put all their efforts to articulate alternatives that help players with their requirements. Many times for comfort, we have the option to create the world of our PlayStation 5 and base the choices that we like the most. In this article we consider modifying the size of the text that is displayed on the toolbar of our PlayStation 5 and thus placing them larger.

  • First, go to the graphical representation of Adjustment on the main monitor.
  • Next, we are going to go to the option Accessibility and we’ll clip on top of this function.
  • Next, we clip on the alternative of Screen.
  • In this function we will have option to base the text size and select the size of characters from the menu that we want.