How to insert a hyperlink? When we talk about a hyperlink we must think about the direct connection existing between two sections of virtual type, within the digital world. In the same way, it becomes a faster option existing in the Internet service in order to position itself in one area to another, all through a click. Here we mention their insertion.

How do hyperlinks influence web sites?

The hyperlinks result options or resources with the purpose of increasing the force before the online or Internet media for a company or data producer. Now with this method the creation of the network of hyperlinks to places on the web is achieved, with the aim of having a greater traffic number respect to others.

Utility of a hyperlink

The main utility of the hyperlinks is in allowing the connection of two sites in a simple way and at a higher speed, we can also mention some of the functions most notable, namely:

  • Increase in visits to the places of personal pages or blog.
  • Offer the user an improvement in the movement of content.
  • Elevation of the time spent on the page or website.
  • Gain in authority.

How are hyperlinks made?

An interesting fact is the possibility of link building or link, from a document to places on the web, emails or another area of ​​the document itself, as well as to other files that help the reader in obtaining extra information, regarding the topic you are viewing. The links or links are provided with two aspects:

  • The address of the link to specific places such as emails, web pages, or any other area to be linked.
  • Linked text: in this regard, an example could be placed, such as: or placing as linked text a keyword like course or an image. In certain cases we can place the same address as text to be linked.

How to insert hyperlinks in text document?

The first thing to do is choose text or image that we will convert into a link and touch the right area or the image itself with the mouse, then press the left area above the hyperlink. At this moment you will be able to see a box with information about “insert hyperlink”. Another option to access it is from the “Insert” option, which we will do by clicking on the “hyperlink” command itself.

At this point we will be able to see how the text we have just chosen will be displayed on the screen. text area. It is possible to change it if desired. Later we must enter the address that we want to link, we place it in the “address” area. As a final step, click on “accept”. After the previous step, we can see the text in blue color and underlined, which means it’s already a hyperlink.

After completing the previous steps, our hyperlink will already have been inserted inside the document. As we can see, the process is really simple and fast, now you can add the hyperlinks at any time and to your liking.

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