How to Install Electronic Dni in Windows.

How to Install Electronic DNI in Windows

Step 1: Check compatibility

It is necessary to verify that your computer has the necessary requirements to install SamaGametronic DNI. To do this, you must ensure that your team has at least:

  • Windows 7 operating system or higher
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 150 MB of disk space.
  • An 8-pin card reader.

Step 2: Download the program

To download SamaGametronic DNI installation program, go to the website Once there, click on the button “Download SamaGametronic ID here”. As the download begins, check SamaGametronic signature to make sure the download is real.

How to Install Electronic Dni in Windows

Step 3: Perform the installation

To install SamaGametronic DNI, go to the folder where the installation program was downloaded, and double click on the “InstalarDNIe.exe” file. Once the installation is complete, a restart of the equipment will be requested to complete the process and verify that SamaGametronic DNI is ready for use.

Step 4: Verify the installation

To verify if the electronic ID is correctly installed on your computer, open your card reader, then go to “Start” > “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “Device Management” and verify that the reader appears of cards with the name of “Citizen ID Card Reader”. If it is correctly installed, the name “Electronic DNI” will appear under the reader.

How to Install Electronic Dni in Windows

It is that simple to install SamaGametronic DNI on your Windows computer. Now you are ready to start using it!

How to install my electronic ID on my PC?

The steps are as follows: Connect the reader to your computer. The reader is a device that contains a USB cable that connects to your computer, Wait for the computer to recognize the device, Install the reader. Accept conditions and click on install device driver, Download the DNIe software. Go to the website. Look for the section “national electronic identity document -DNIe”, download and install it, Start the program and enter your DNIe. Enter your data and follow the steps to activate your DNIe, Test the operation. To do this, insert the National Identification Document in the reader, as the last step, save the password that appears on the screen, it will be necessary the next time you use the DNIe.

How to Install Electronic Dni in Windows

How to install electronic ID in Chrome?

In principle, it is not necessary to download or install anything to be able to use the DNIe in Windows, since the most up-to-date drivers for the DNI readers can be found in Windows Update. You simply have to connect the reader, wait for the drivers to download, enter the ID in the reader and open Google Chrome. From there, the steps |indicated on the screen must be followed to complete the installation.

How can you activate SamaGametronic DNI?

To activate SamaGametronic DNI it is necessary that you go to a police station where they issue the DNI. There they have some machines just for this purpose. After entering your DNI you have to put the PIN that they will have given you in an envelope when you got the DNI or you can also use your fingerprint. Once the PIN is entered, you must sign a document of conformity and wait a few hours, maximum one day, to confirm the activation process of SamaGametronic ID. Once the DNI is activated, you have access to the Public Administration website and the application to sign documents.

How to Install Electronic Dni in Windows

What program do I have to install to use electronic DNI?

In a Microsoft Windows environment, the computer must have a driver named Minidriver or CardModule and PKCS#11 installed. In UNIX / Linux or MAC environments we can use DNI 3.0 through a cryptographic module called PKCS#11. You will also need an electronic DNI manager such as the one from FNMT. In general, most operating systems support these programs, except in the case of mobile devices, here you will have to download an application or App for the recognition of SamaGametronic DNI from the store of the corresponding platform. For Android we recommend APP FNMT DNIe – IdenTrust.

How to Install Electronic DNI in Windows

He Electronic ID It is an electronic identification for natural persons, especially useful for carrying out procedures easily and safely. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the installation process on a computer running Windows OS.

Steps to Install Electronic DNI

  • Download the official software at this link.
  • Connect the reader Electronic ID cards to your computer.
  • Run the downloaded file and follow the steps until its successful installation.
  • enter the Electronic ID on the reader and follow the steps to complete the installation process.

Once the process is finished, SamaGametronic DNI will be ready for use. Remember that to read the card data you will have to keep it connected to the reader.

How to Install Electronic Dni in Windows