How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV?.

How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV? Facebook It is one of the most important social networking platforms that exist today. With its 2.5 billion active users, it is the social network that concentrates the largest number of affiliates in the world. It has several sections among which we can highlight in this article Facebook watch.

In this section, all the videos that are uploaded to the platform are centralized. It was done so that users did not have to enter the profiles to search for videos. The platform also thinks in the future to convert facebook watch in a video streaming system with Original content such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime video and Disney +.

How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV?

digital streaming of movies, series, documentaries and live channels, has become very important in recent times. With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, more people access this type of content from the comfort of their home, which has doubled the number of affiliates to this type of services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

Therefore, Facebook decided to venture into this highly demanded field.

How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV?

How to enter Facebook Watch?

Accessing this section is relatively easy. Enough with Login to your Facebook account with your username and password and identify the watch icon among the Facebook timeline icons above the friends’ stories.

Once inside you can enjoy hundreds of videos in an infinite feedas well as using several of its sections to follow accounts and groups through their videos.

How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV?

However, this section of Facebook can be enjoyed from other devices besides a web browser or application if you have a smart tv equipment it is possible to enjoy the content of Facebook watch then we will teach you the procedure.

Enjoy Facebook wacth on your Smart TV

As in many Smart devices it is possible to enjoy a streaming app like Facebook watch, however, it is not developed for Smart TV devices specifically at LG.

How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV?

Although for the operating system of the Smart TV LG, webos, Facebook has not developed any type of application, there is still hope to enjoy the content of the platform through external devices. This device is known as Amazon fire TV Stick.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick It is a device developed by Amazon to be able to transmit any streaming content on different television equipment without the need to install applications, since they are installed directly on the latter.

The procedure to enjoy Facebook Watch on LG Smart TV using the Amazon Fire TV Stick is as follows:

  • The first step is to buy amazon firetv stick Its price ranges from €29 to €39. Once purchased, connect the Amazon fire TV to the HDMI input of the smart TV.
  • Turn on the television set and select the hdmi inputusing for this, the control of the television.
  • Connect the fire TV Stick to your Wi-fi network. To do this, use the remote control of the fire TV device, following the instructions that you will find on the screen.
  • Once connected to the internet, access the Amazon fire TV Stick application store, search for the Facebook watch app and install it.
  • How to install Facebook watch on LG Smart TV?