Yesterday Apple released the first public beta of iOS and iPadOS 14. A version which, although still in beta and containing errors, Apple considers polite enough to deliver beyond developers. Want to try iOS 14 and iPadOS 14? We explain how to install them.

Public betas, more stable but after all betas


Before starting the update process, the main recommendation is that make a backup of our device in Finder (or iTunes). The reason is that the backups that the system makes automatically in iCloud replace the old ones, and the backups made in iOS 14 are not compatible with iOS 13. Therefore, if at any point we need to downgrade, it is worthwhile to have a backup. Once the copy is complete, let’s see how to install iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, the steps are simple:

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  1. We’re opening Apple’s public beta website on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. If we haven’t yet, let’s play Register record. If we are already registered we touch to log in open a session.
  3. Fill in our username and password and access the web.
  4. We enter the section iOS or iPadOS.
  5. We’re scrolling down slightly. With the owner To start we play in register your iOS device.
  6. We touch Download the profile and Allow the download.
  7. When we are informed that the profile has been downloaded, we touch Accept.
  8. We open the app Adjustments.
  9. At the top, next to our name, we tap on Profile uploaded.
  10. We touch Installer and we enter the code of our iPhone.
  11. We touch Installer to accept the conditions.
  12. We play again Installer to confirm.
  13. We touch Fact or, if requested To restart.
  14. We entered Adjustments > general.
  15. We entered Software update.
  16. When the public beta appears, click Download and install and we enter the device code.
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It’s that simple. Once we have started the installation process, our iPhone or iPad will download all the necessary software and install it on the device. To do this, it is necessary that the iPhone or iPad has a minimum batterySo it’s always a good idea to keep it plugged in during the process.

Apple’s public beta program attracts the attention of many users, so in these early hours the download speed may be somewhat low, here we can only wait. Once our iPhone or iPad is on iOS or iPadOS 14 the following updates will be done via OTA, that is to say in Adjustments > general > Software update.

The beta version of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 does not convince you? So we can go back to version 13

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As always, remember that while this is one of the most stable betas we have seen in recent years, it is still a beta. Apple recommends that you don’t install these versions on everyday devices and instead install them on secondary devices.