How to know the version of Directx.

How to Know the DirectX Version

DirectX is a collection of APIs designed to optimize your computer’s resources when running multimedia and games on Windows. This tool improves the speed, quality, and efficiency of your computer’s graphics and video processors. If you want to know which version of DirectX you already have installed on your computer, we will explain the different methods by which you can view the information.

Method 1: Verify Manually

You can use Notepad to see the DirectX version without downloading anything extra. To check the version of DirectX on your computer, follow the steps below:

How to know the version of Directx
  • press the key Windows+R on your keyboard to open the Run Dialog Box.
  • Writes dxdiag and then press Enter. This will open the DirectX diagnostic box.
  • In the first section, you will see the number of the DirectX version you are using.
  • Method 2: Verify Using A Tool

    If you want to check if you have the latest version of DirectX installed, you can download the tool DirectX Installation Analyzer Tool. This tool will examine your computer to diagnose which versions of DirectX are installed on your PC. The Tool will give you a report on the DirectX versions installed on your computer, along with details of the video drivers.

    Method 3: Check In Windows Settings

    You can also check the version of DirectX in Windows Settings. To check the information about DirectX from the Settings, follow the steps below:

    How to know the version of Directx
    • Open Windows Settings by pressing Windows Key + I on your keyboard.
    • Click on “System” to open the System screen.
    • Click “About” to open the System information box.
    • Find “Windows System” and check the “Version” field. This tells us what version of Windows you have installed, along with the version of DirectX installed on that system.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily check the version of DirectX installed on your computer.

    How to change DirectX 12 to DirectX 11?

    In short, you cannot uninstall DirectX 12 on Windows 10, However, reinstalling DirectX is still possible for DirectX 11 and earlier versions. Windows 10 has DirectX 12, 11, 10, 9, and every previous version of DirectX ever existed.

    How to know the version of Directx

    How to Know the Directx Version

    DirectX is one of the most important technologies related to playing and rendering multimedia content in Windows.

    It is especially important when it comes to gaming; Without a suitable version, some games and programs will not work properly.

    How to know the version of Directx

    It is important that you know the version of DirectX on your system to ensure that it is up to date and that you can stream the videos, play the games and get the best multimedia experience available.

    Steps to know the version of DirectX

    • Step 1: Open the Control Panel by clicking the Start button or Windows Start Menu.
    • Step 2: Choose “System”.
    • Step 3: In the System window, click on the “Advanced System Information” link, located at the bottom left.
    • Step 4: Look for the “Directx information” section.
    • step 5: Inside the Directx Information bar you will find the version currently in use.

    Once you know your version of DirectX, it is recommended to visit the official Microsoft site to download any new version available.

    What happens if I install DirectX 9 if I already have 12?

    If you have DirecX 12 installed, there should be no problems with games that require previous versions. The latest version is backwards compatible, however the amount of functionality is not the same.

    How to know the version of Directx

    What is better DirectX 11 or 12?

    In short, DirectX 12 allows better use of the hardware in every way. This is actually why AMD graphics cards performed better than NVIDIA graphics cards under DX12 a few years ago, because they had more raw power.

    Now that NVIDIA and AMD have improved their graphics cards and processing cards in both APIs, DirectX 12 offers significantly better performance over DirectX 11. Some studies quantify the performance increase in DirectX 12 between 20% and 50%, depending on graphics card and other factors. Therefore, it is obvious that DirectX 12 is the best and most recommended option.