How to know which iPad mini I have? The technology It will never cease to amaze us, we say this since today we see older and newer electronic equipment such as phones or mobiles. Such is the case of the iPad mini equipment, perhaps some of its users have them but are not clear about the model of which it is. Here we mention the way to discover it.

What are the existing types of iPad?

Ten years after the launch of these equipment models, you can see the large number that exist in the market. Currently we can highlight the existence of four generations of iPad or tablets, which have up to eight models. This means that each user will be able to fit the team most convenient according to your needs.

iPad mini

iPad Mini is a computer or tablet-like device, which were designed by the United States company Apple Inc. Its launch occurred with the fourth generation model, this being dated October 23, 2012 for the United States and other places in the European area. In Mexico he had his launch on November 23, 2012.

How can I find out what model of iPad mini I have?

When we acquire a ipad model In the technological market, it is possible that they offer us any of them and we do not even realize the model, serial or technical specifications, in this sense, today we will show you the ways in which you can determine which team with which you currently have, for this you must follow the following steps:

Steps to find out the model of my iPad mini

As we already mentioned there are parameters that come with the iPad tablets themselves and which allow us to determine which model we have. However, you must be clear where to locate them to know exactly which model do you have, then let’s see how to do it.

Model Number Location

This is a first option to get to know the ipad mini idwhat we must do is locate the model number, in order to be clear about what device we have, for this there is a method to be able to visualize the number, namely:

Review the rear area of ​​the iPad equipment.

Another option is to open the zone of settings or configuration, then click on general and “information” as the next step. The number must be located in the upper area. In the event that you see that said number has a slash, it refers to the identification of the part, as an example you could see MY3K2LL/A). It is time to click on said number and in this way you will visualize the model, it will be composed of a letter and four numbers.

Once you have your number or model iPad, we recommend that you keep it in a notebook or where you store your personal data, since when you need to make any adjustments or repairs, you will need to have such information on hand. ID.

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