How to locate a car by its license plate.

How to locate a car by its license plate?

In our life, there are a series of situations that test our ability to find, the biggest example being the loss of objects, such as credit cards, cell phones or other valuables. But what if we lose our own car?

Using Internet Searches

In this case, technology comes in handy to find anything. There are many websites where we can search for our car’s registration to obtain information about it and its current location. This includes sites like:

How to locate a car by its license plate
  • Riddle: Soat riddle is a website that allows us to check the address, owner, among other information about a vehicle given its license plate.
  • Traffic services: Many of the available traffic services have a section where you can enter your vehicle’s license plate to see if it has been seen recently.
  • Google Maps: If the car has been moved recently, it may show up on a Google map. This tool can give us a general idea of ​​the location of the car.

Use other Methods

If the websites don’t help, there are always other ways to find a lost car. These include:

  • calls: If the car is being driven by someone else or a company, it is best to send a letter or call this person to see if they know where it is.
  • Social networks: An effective way to locate a lost vehicle is also to ask on social networks to see if anyone has seen it recently.
  • Authorities: If all of the above fails, there is always the possibility of reporting the loss to the local police department so they can start a search.


To avoid losing a car in the future, it’s important to have full coverage insurance and keep track of the car’s location. This will allow us to reactivate the location information in case of loss. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to locate a car by its license plate, always remember to follow these tips.

How to locate a car by its license plate

How to detect the location of a car?

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How to locate a car by its license plate

Locating a particular car is a complex task if you don’t know how and where to look. It is often needed to verify personal data, check its actual status, check its compliance with the law, and for a number of other uses.

How to locate a car by its license plate

To find a car, the search is not only limited to the manufacturer, model and identification number, but also to the car registration. There are a variety of options available to locate a vehicle if you know the license plate.

Tips for Locating a Car by its License Plate:

  • Perform an online search using the details of the vehicle’s license plate. This option offers a wide variety of options, such as the car’s current owner’s name, address, make or model.
  • Ask at the National Vehicle Registry. This will allow you to verify license plate information and obtain owner details.
  • Call information agencies online. These organizations can offer information not only about ownership of the vehicle, but also who has current custody.
  • Start your network of contacts. Tell them what you’re looking for and ask if they know of a car owner with a private license plate. This is one of the best ways to locate a car if you know the license plate.

Generally speaking, checking the license plate is a great way to locate a car, whether for a personal or business purpose. These are just some of the options available for vehicle specific details.

How to locate a car by its license plate

How to locate a car by its license plate

Steps to Locate a US Vehicle

  • Go to
  • In the search bar, enter the license plate.
  • Select the state where the car was registered.
  • Click on “Look for” to collect enrollment information.

Steps to locate a UK vehicle

  • Open your favorite search engine and type “vehicle registration”.
  • Go to the official website of the Vehicle Registry.
  • Enter the license plate in the search field.
  • Once the process is complete, vehicle information will be displayed.

How to locate a car using a professional?

If you need to locate a vehicle through a professional, you can contact vehicle investigation experts or private detectives. These people have professional experience and knowledge to find information about any vehicle. Some of the tasks they are dedicated to are detecting mechanical breakdowns, obtaining vehicle documentation and even locating seizures. These services are not usually free, so the cost will vary depending on the work requested.