How To Make A Homemade Vampire Costume


  • 1 black blanket
  • colored wire
  • Long black dress
  • colored benches
  • Scissors
  • Make-up plaster or black paint


  • Cut the blanket: Use the scissors to cut the blanket into a robed and hooded figure. This will provide the base clothing for your vampire costume.
  • Add the details: Use colored wire or banks to make decorations such as vampire fangs on the neck and chest. Other options to add details are buttons, lace and fringe.
  • Add a dress: Wear a long black dress to give the character a feminine touch. The dress should have long sleeves with the aforementioned embellishments to give it the vampire look.
  • Make-up: Use makeup plaster or black paint to add shadows around the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can also add makeup to make the fangs look realistic.


  • Remember to use accessories such as the helmet to give the costume a unique touch.
  • Add a pair of leather shoes to create a creepy look.
  • Use ruffled skirts and black accents to add a Victorian touch to the costume.

How to make fake vampire teeth at home?

Quick HALLOWEEN ideas Like this or easier DIY – YouTube

The best way to make fake vampire teeth at home is to buy a Halloween false teeth kit. These kits usually include detailed instructions to help you prepare your vampire or bat vein. There are also some tutorial videos on YouTube that can help you create your own. Just follow the detailed steps to learn how to make a perfect grain.

How do you make a vampire face?

Halloween Makeup: Vampire – YouTube

1. Start with a white base halfway up. Then apply a light layer of powder powder to make sure the skin looks matte.
2. Use black lipstick to bring out the cheeks, upper lip, chin, and cheekbones. Add some lines on the lower lip to create a false lip line.
3. Use eye shadows in shades of gray to enhance the roe-shape of the eyes and make them deeper.
4. For an even more dramatic effect, use a black pencil to fill in the lines and angles around the eyes.
5. Add a white pencil line around the eyes.
6. Use false eyelashes to give your eyes a scratchy effect.
7. Use lip gloss to enhance the lip line. Combine this with a dark reddish shade.
8. Add some lines and shadows here and there to enhance the facial features.
9. Add some vampire tooth beads.
10. Finally, finish the makeup with a black brow pencil to give it a worn effect.

What do I need to make a vampire costume?

As clothing for your vampire costume, you will need black pants and a white shirt. You can also wear a suit vest or even a bow tie, since the vampires of the collective imagination are always very well dressed.

To complete the look, add some specific elements like a cape, some black shadows under the eyes, some false teeth, some gothic makeup for your face, some dark sunglasses, some dark rings or some little pointy ears.

For the bottom of the costume, choose a pair of black boots or black shoes. Finally, to complete the look, choose some horror accessories, such as a stake, a crucifix, or some object related to vampire mythology.

How to make a simple vampire cape?

How to make a vampire cape for Halloween costume – YouTube

1. Grab an old sheet or other thin stretch fabric in the color of your choice. It should preferably be black in color so that it looks like a vampire cape.

2. Measure your body to know your measurement and decide how much you want the cape to be, your fabric must be at least twice that measurement.

3. Use clips to pin your fabrics to make an arc across the right chest and shoulder.

4. Use scissors to cut the folds and shape the material into a layer.

5. Sew the cape so that it totally owns you.

6. Decorate with lace, embroidery or plated rhinestones to give it a special touch.